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 Welcome to Iwagakure!

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Hontoosuru Kizuato
Hontoosuru Kizuato

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PostSubject: Welcome to Iwagakure!   Tue Apr 13, 2010 5:45 pm


Welcome to the mighty village of Iwagakure! This village is well known for its powerful military and shinobi whose willpower is stronger than steel. Iwagakure is a large village, and the people in this village work hard to ensure Iwa's growth and prosperity.

Iwagakure has been in many wars in the past, perhaps more than any other village. Iwagakure also started most of the wars. Right now, Iwa is gearing up and strengthening its military yet again in the hopes of becoming the most powerful shinobi village in the world. Will you join Iwagakure and help in its conquest?

The Shinobi Ranks

Tsuchikage - The leader and kage of Iwagakure, and thus the most powerful shinobi in the village. The current Tsuchikage is Hontoosuru Kizuato.

Sannin - The legendary ninja of Iwagakure, Sannin are powerful ninja that are aligned with the village. There is currently only one Sannin in Iwagakure. His name is Vergil. This rank is currently closed.

ANBU - ANBU ninja are special Jounin organized into troops. They are typically very skilled and are entrusted with the most difficult of missions. Iwa's ANBU are divided into two groups: ANBU Black Ops and ANBU Structural Forces. Can perform missions of any rank and many can perform jutsu of any rank. This rank is currently closed until further notice.
ANBU leader - Shuureitsuki Yamine

Jounin - High-level ninja that lead advanced missions and train groups of Genin. These ninja lead assaults against enemies and perform other important tasks. Normally, Jounin perform missions of up to A rank and use jutsu of up to A rank. This rank is currently closed unless you get special permission from the Tsuchikage (me), and even then you must provide me with an example of your roleplay skill and a good reason to let you make a Jounin.

Chuunin - Mid-level ninja that lead smaller groups of ninja on relatively difficult missions. They are sometimes given the responsibility of training groups of Genin, and often train Academy Students. They normally perform missions of up to B difficulty and use jutsu of up to B rank. This rank is currently closed until further notice.

Genin - Low-level ninja that are generally assigned to groups of three lead by a Jounin leader. This is the lowest number of fully graduated ninja, and Genin can normally only perform missions of up to C rank, and use jutsu of up to C rank as well. It is suggested and highly preferred that you either make a Genin or Academy Student. We NEED more Genin!
List of current Genin:
- Hitomi Miya

Academy Student - Ninja who are still enrolled in the ninja academy. Academy students are drilled and trained daily, and are pushed to to the limit of their abilities. Iwagakure trains their students fiercely, and the training often borders on child abuse. Academy students do not perform missions, and can use jutsu of only up to D rank. They are generally still learning how to use all of the basic jutsu. It is suggested and highly preferred that you either make a Genin or Academy Student.
List of current Academy Students:
- None!
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Welcome to Iwagakure!
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