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PostSubject: Just makin a char   Just makin a char EmptyTue May 04, 2010 11:07 am

Basic Information:

Secondary Title:
"Demon eye Hiruko" "Hiruko of the demon eye"
"Hiruko the water god"
physical age: 19
actual age: 62
Physical Appearance:
Just makin a char Hiruko10

Hiruko has bright blue eyes and platinum blond hair of mid length.
He has a slightly tanned skin and a pretty muscular and slender body.
His finger nails are black and short.
His eyes have a dark shading beneath them and he always has a serious look on his face.
Hiruko weighs 67.5kg and is 181 cm tall.

Instead of wearing his village headband, he wears his old headband around his head instead.
The headband is stiped with black and white and is almost as long as a scarf, hanging from his head, to just beneath his shoudlders.
He wears a white jacket with long sleeves that fit tightly around his arms and has a high color that goes all the way up to the top of his neck.
The jacket is pretty long and runs down all the way to his knees.
Hiruko always has the shirt open, showing a slender and muscular body.
Hiruko wears baggy white pants with a black lining at the bottom that fit tightly around his heels.
He wears small, open white shoes.

The new Hiruko he consideres himself a deity, and believes he has evolved beyond a mere human being.
Hiruko possesses incredible self-control of his emotions, which he shows by constantly displaying an emotionless personality.
He only shows surprise when opponents proved more powerful or skilled than he had expected, and even then he does'nt lose his composure.

Even though Hiruko isnt the kind of person who respects authority and regulation, he does respect the powerfull and the dead.
After he kills an opponent who was strong, he holds a moment of silence out of respect for their power.

In addition to being an extremely powerful ninja, Hiruko had equally impressive intelligence, and was shown to be very wise.
He is exceedingly sharp and observant to any situation at hand, as he is rarely surprised or caught off guard.
To further expand his power, he has been collecting knowledge on forbidden jutsu and medical enhancement jutsu.
He will do everything to bring the world to peace with himself as it's absolute ruler.

Next to being an understanding and powerfull ninja, he is also very easily bored when he is doing something.
He rarely makes time to help people in need, instead he would prefer blowing them up so he can save them the pain and save him the time, plus he enjoys the fireworks.
But when Hiruko sees something he is interested in, his boredom disapears into thin air and he can watch it all day.

Hiruko is hard to anger, but when he is pissed of, it is wise to make a run for it.
Just makin a char Wisely10

Catch Phrase:
"Everything will be mine."
"When there is a true desire in the heart and that desire is strong... That is when he finds real strength that even he did not know he had!"
"I get stronger in direct proportion to how strong my opponent is. I do not tire, and cannot be defeated".
"Keep talking, and I will kill you."
"By the time I was your age, I had already dyed these hands in my enemies' blood..."
" When a man learns to love, He must bear the risk of hatred."
"You've thrown it all away! Dreams don't come true when you're dead!"
"With this eye integrated into my body, I became a new me. One stronger than god himself!"
"Change is impossible, in this fog of ignorance"
"You focus on the trivial, and lose sight of what's most important"
"It ends with this..."

Clan Information:

Kekkei Genkai:
Oni boushi

Description/how it came to be:
The oni boushi, or the demon eye is a doujutsu utilized by Hiruko.
It is perhaps the most rare doujutsu in the entire Shinobi world.
Said to have come from yomi when Izanagi-no-mikoto entered the underworld to save his wife, Izanami-no-Mikoto.
Though the dark powers couldnt leak out because izanagi sealed the gate to yomi, a small part of it escaped.
It was said that it hitchhiked it's way out of the underworld when Izanagi escaped and left his wife inside.
When he washed yomi of of him and created Amaterasu, tsukuyomi and susano, the darkness of yomi was washed away, falling to the earth.
These dark energies have been laying dormant in Hiruko's family for centuries.
Though the power of the eye could have awoken years ago, it somehow chose to awaken inside of Hiruko, feeding on his fear, anger, sadness and hate.

When hiruko was still inside his mothers womb, the eye slowly started forming on the baby's forehead, allready knowing what his mother would do when she saw the abomination she had given birth to.
Being treated differently from the other kids, Hiruko became sad.
Starting to misbehave, his sadness turned into anger wich he released late at night when he went into the woods and killed critter's.
Seeing his own power, he started fearing it aswell, just like his family feared him.
When he started releasing his anger and hatred to his family by trashing the house, his parents locked him in the basement, confined in solitude and darkness.
Spending his days in darkness for three years, his hate, fear, sadness and anger started growing, giving the eye enough power to awaken the will of yomi.
Taking it's ability's and bestowing them upon Hiruko's body, he was able to create bright fire that he used to enlighten himself in the darkness.

In those three years, the weak will of hiruko merged itself with the will of yomi, now becoming one entity.
Now being far more powerfull then before, his personality was completely altered by yomi.
Once a serious, held back and weak willed kid was now a mad, up front and strong willed boy.
Having gone back to school, he still held his eye hidden from others by using his headband.
Having gained Yomi's ability to call upon the super heated flames of the underworld, he was now a formidable fighter.
Not only using the Katon element, he had also gained the power to pass his memories onto others by locking eyes with them together with the ability to keep track of one's movements with it and being able to counter them better.

Secret Clan Jutsu:

Name: Oni shoken
Type: Doujutsu
Rank: A
Element: -
Description: By locking eyes with his target, he can put them and himself in trance and show him his memories as if they where there when it happened.
This can be handy for spying, since he can take all that he has seen to his leader.

Name: Knowledge vault
Type: Doujutsu
Rank: -
Element: -
The Oni boushi remembers everything that he sees or learns.
This way, he never truly forgets about something.
This also helps him learn and create new jutsu by remembering large and small parts that would later prove to be valuable.

The nameless clan which Hiruko came from was a small one.
It existed out of Hiruko's mother, father, grandfather and younger brother.
This family was eradicated when Hiruko burned down the family house and nothing is left of it.
The Oni boushi is not bound to Hiruko's family, just to Hiruko himself.
Clan Details:

Rank Information:

S ranked missing nin
Village Affiliation:

Special Information:

Character Speciality:
Main: Ninjutsu
Sub: Medical jutsu
Elemental Affinity:
Main: Fire [Katon]
Sub: Lightning [Raiton]
Special Characteristics:

Hiruko is a very intellegent person.
He showed this when he easily passed the academy in less then a year and by being one of the few that had passed the written exams for the chuunin exams.
Because of his intellegence, he wants to increase his knowledge on the world and it's people without bounds, thinking that knowledge equals powers.
This also helped him quickly master jutsu that he had seen his opponent's use in battle and adding these to his own arsenal of jutsu.
He also learns from his mistakes and believes that mistakes are nececarry to grow stronger.
He uses his intellegence to quickly make plans on how to trick, beat or kill someone he wants out of the way.

Hiruko had done alot of bad things in his life, like killing his teammates during the chuunin exams and killing his family by burning them to death, together with his house.
He also has a way of twisting the truth with lies by changing it a little, twisting almost any plot to his own wellbeing.

Master of anatomy:
Being a master at medical ninjutsu, Hiruko has a great understanding of the human body and it's functions.
Knowing this, he can easily inflict greater damage upon a body since he knows where to strike.
This also helped him in enhancing his own body.
Using his medical skills and the forbidden jutsu he stole, he integrated alot of internal organs from his opponents or from people with lots of knowledge.

Collective mind:
Using his Kinjutsu on alot of people to extend his own life and knowledge, he has gained alot of knowledge.
This knowledge extends all the way from the name of the grandson of one he had eaten to their jutsu arsenal.
This way, he had used the wisdom and knowledge of others to create his own Kinjutsu to extend his jutsu arsenal.

High speed seals:
In his time with the ANBU, Hiruko learned how to weave his handseals at a very rapid pace.
Having spent several months or even years to become faster at weaving seals, he can now weave seals while trowing a kunai in the same motion.
This makes him a formidable opponent in battle.

Water god:
It is said that in his time between his chuunin and ANBU years that Hiruko's speed under water was so great, that he became known as the Water god.
It was said that he had unsurpassed speed under water, aswell as great control over the element.
Having created more then one powerfull water technique, many who hated him for the things he did, still respected him for his power.

Skill Information:
Note: You can find the other templates in the other Creation Areas if your character needs them.

Jutsu Template:

Academy ninjutsu:

Non element Ninjutsu:

Lightning style Ninjutsu:

Water style ninjutsu:

Medical ninjutsu:

Forbidden Jutsu:

Summoning information:

Name: Hebitenma
Rank: A

Hebitenma is a large, blue skinned demon snake.
It has powerfull jaws and cranial plating on it's head to protect it against attacks.
It has dark red eyes the mark of yomi on his forehead.
Hebitenma has long, sharp extensions on its chin and cheeks.
It is also is amphibian since it has lungs and gills.

Contract Type: Blood/tattoo
Species: Snake
Elemental Affinity: Earth
Special Abilities/Characteristics:

Genetic Cloning:
Hebitenma's ability in cloning itself is one that is unique to him.
By reforming it's genetical structure, it can recreate himself, though these clones stick to the inside of this body.
He can use these clones for attack purposes and if the clones are stuck, he can bite them of without harming himself and create new ones.

Hebitenma has powerfull jaws and teeth wich are filled with antigellid venom.
This antigellid venom also courses through its veins, making him more then a snake since he is no longer cold blooded.
This venom is able of paralyzing someone with small doses, and killing someone with high doses.

Medical use:
Hebitenma's antigellid venom is not just very poisonous, but the right dose can also be used to kill bacteria in wounds and stop an infection from spreading from it's initial point.


After Hiruko had merged with yomi and took all the power of the eye, he had yomi's memories imprinted into his head.
One of these memories was the summoning rite and incantation to summon the demon snake lord, Hebitenma.
Training with a small version of Hebitenma, he quickly mastered the summoning jutsu.
After he had larger amounts of chakra, he was able to summon Hebitenma while maintaining his true size.

Having used Hebitenma more then often on his assasination missions, it became his primary summoning.
He would also use it to tunnel beneath the ground while residing in its mouth in order to travel quickly, and using his size to crush small enemy settlements.
The two had done alot together and after a while Hebitenma accepted him as his master.

Hiruko can summon him with a special tattoo, blood and an incantation.
The tattoo is placed around his Oni boushi on his forehead.

Summons Jutsu:

Name: Moguragakure no Jutsu - Mole Hiding Technique
Rank: C
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Doton
Description: Doton • Moguragakure no Jutsu is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Earth Element.
This technique allows the ninja to burrow into the ground and hide out of sight.
This allows them to avoid attack or travel underground.

Name: Kuchiyose - Sotoja
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: B
Element: -
Hebitenma's ability in cloning itself is one that is unique to the demonic creature's of yomi.
By reforming it's genetical structure, it turns it's tongue into two smaller versions of himself that he can launch out of his mouth.
This can be used for grabbing and dragging in it's targets to his jaws and lock them inside of its powerfull head or snap them in two with his powerfull jaws.

Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: B
Element: -
Jasenshi is one of Hebitenma's oni abilities.
By changing his genetic structure inside his mouth, creates a large cone shaped extention in its mouth.
The extention then starts spinning rapidly and Hebitenma can fire it from his mouth like a projectile.

Yomi Numa - Swamp of the Underworld
Rank: A
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Doton
Description: Doton • Yomi Numa is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Earth element.
After spitting a dark, mudyy substance on the ground, a vast swamp can appear beneath a target to sink and kill it.

Item Template:

Name: Body Container
Rank: S
Type: Supplement/medicine
Natural Abilities:
This is a special container in wich Hiruko can store the dead bodies of his prized victims.
Using the Organ Preservation technique on the coffins chakra conductive steel, it can store a body while preserving it for future use.
This can preserve a body for a week before it starts rotting.
This Container can be summoned from and back to his lair.

Can be summoned with the Kuchiyose technique.

[center]Background Information

Birth arc:

Hiruko was born with a third eye on his forehead.
Because he was the only one in the clan who was born with it, his parents wrapped a piece of cloth around it to cover it up.
His parents did not want anyone to know that their son was an abomination and didnt let him out of the house much.
Hiruko's family hated the baby for being born the way he was and wanted to give it away.
Because they where a very religious family, they believe that they had been cursed by giving birth to a hell spawn.
The only time he got out was when they went into the backyard.
Behind their house was a large forest that went on for miles.
In the forest is where Hiruko would do one of his greatest discoveries, not so far from the present.

Child arc:
When Hiruko was about 10 years old, he sneaked out of the house and rolled up the headband and used the power of his eye on woodland critters around the village.
Noticing the amount of power it had, it got to his head and it became more and more difficult for his parents to keep him indoors.
Because of the strange treatment he got from his parents and family, plus the treatment from the villager's that didnt know what was wrong with him, Hiruko began to act more and more strange.
He became quite an angered kid, and sometimes he misbehaved by smashing a table, a pot of flowers or a window.
After a while, he was hidden in the basement, only seeing light when he was getting dinner.
Spending his days in darkness for three years, his hate, fear, sadness and anger started growing, giving the eye enough power to awaken the will of yomi.
Taking it's ability's and bestowing them upon Hiruko's body, he was able to create bright fire that he used to enlighten himself in the darkness.

Living with a constant headache for about a month, his personality completely merged with the will of yomi and his second personality merged with his own.
After merging, his black hair turned white, his brown eyes turned blue and his pale skin became slightly tanned.
Having completely altered both body and mind, Hiruko was now one with his eye.
After having lived in darkness for a while, he learned how to make fire as he had seen his teacher do at school.
Forming a small flare between his hands, he placed it on the ground and re-lit the flame when it was going to run out.
This way, he wasnt completely living in darkness.

Academy arc:
When he turned thirteen, his parents hoped he had turned back, while it actually was the other way around.
In the three years he spent in isolation, he had created an alternate personality that had completely destroyed his own.
Acting like a normal thirteen year old boy, he went to the academy and finished it with ease.
Learning more and more about chakra and jutsu, he became more adapt at using his eye on the critter's.
After a while, he made it to genin and was taken on missions with his sensei and the rest of his team.
Hiding his eye under the headband, he was using the blaze element a little on missions.
Using his power to beat enemies in close combat aswell as by ninjutsu, he was quickly able of entering the chuunin exams.

Chuunin arc:
Using his power to beat enemies in close combat aswell as by ninjutsu, he was quickly ableof entering the chuunin exams.
Killing his team mates by making it look like they where crushed in an enemy encounter, he stole the scroll of the other team and took his teams scroll and quickly made it to the final round of the chuunin exams.
Having a break between the tournaments, he was questioned by the village anbu.
The anbu placed a hypnosis technique on him so he would tell the truth and asked him about the deaths of his team mates.
Not knowing that the eye had the ability to cancel hypnosis, he acted as if it worked and fooled the anbu into thinking that they died for the team.
When he went home for his break, his parents didnt trust what had happened during the chuunin exams and where forcing him out of the house.
Acting all nice and kind, he hugged his parents and went to bed.
That same night, their house burned down because of an unknown source.

Then joining the others for the finals of the chuunin exam, he made his way to his sensei.
For the final battle, he was directed to the main arena.
Looking up, he was a bit shocked while seeing the Kage was going to watch the final battle.
The last person he had to fight was an eighteen year old man who used weaponry ninjutsu.
Being fired at by a storm of kunai, Hiruko used a powerfull water and lightning element jutsu to blast the kunai away and electrocute his opponent to near death.
Trying not to show his joy of destroying his opponent, he kept a serious face and looked up at the kage that was sitting up high and saluted.
He then walked out of the arena and accepted his title as a chuunin.

A year after his promotion to Chuunin, Hiruko had completed 340 official missions in total: 53 D-rank, 152 C-rank and 135 B-rank.
After a while, he forgot about yomi and hisformer self, believing that he was still hiruko.
To this extent, he believed that his power's and ability's where just natural talent and his true potential.
Though his fellow ninja never truly trusted him, he didnt care about it and just did his job as he saw fit.
Because of his ability to do anything to complete his mission, he was assigned jounin after two years of being a chuunin.

Jounin arc:
When Hiruko became Jounin, a whole new world opened up to him.
Now being able to go on solo missions, he had alot of time to complete missions and do alot of things on the side.
After having done missions for a year, he had completed 440 official missions in total: 53 D-rank, 152 C-rank, 135 B-rank, 77 A-rank and 23 S-rank.
Becoming more and more skilled as a ninja, he felt as if his growth had stoped.
Also becoming older by each passing day, he was starting to think about how his youthful beauty and body would grow old.

It was at that day that Hiruko started thinking of ways to extend his life beyond the normal human expiration date, while also remaining young and beautifull.
Starting to go through the librarym he could only find books that would direct him to another book, one wich he could not find.
This infuriated him as he thought it was an inpossible task, and he went home thinking that he could not preserve himself.

That night, he was dreaming about how medical ninjutsu had once saved his life, and how it destroyed all his wounds.
He then knew what to do, he had to become a medical ninja.
Having signed up in the hospital, he came on the waiting list wich would take about a month for him to have his turn.
In the mean time, Hiruko was assigned to another B ranked mission.
On this mission, he had to take out a ninja from the Fuma clan wich had stolen from the feudal lord.
When he eventually found this ninja, he had allready read what was on the scrolls.
Being interested as to what it was on these scrolls, he spared the man's life so that he could tell him what these where.
He then made a deal with the man, saying he would spare his life in return for him writing down what he had read from the scrolls.
Killing another person and taking his head to the feudal lord with the stolen scrolls and documents, Hiruko was honored like a hero.

When he returned home, he started studying the scrolls and learned that these where forbidden jutsu.
Not knowing how to deal with these jutsu, he locked them in a box and sealed it of with an exploding tag before burrying it in the forest.
As a month passed, Hiruko was taken as a Medical trainee in the hospital.
Operating on fish and other animals and coverting chakra to healing energy, he started learning the ropes.

As a few years passed, Hiruko was able to perform autopsies, heal near fatal wounds and sew back loose limbs to a body.
Having become a great healer nin, he started doing mission again.
Being sent to the land of grass, he found a group of children who where lost in the forest.
Taking them with him, these kids didnt know what they where getting themselves into.
When Hiruko and the children arrived at the rendezvous point, all the jounin from the grass country layed dead on the ground.
With the children crying, he himself started smiling when the Fuma ninja arrived from the shadows.
Taking the children to a cave, Hiruko took out the box with the Kinjutsu scrolls.
As the Fuma ninja performed the jutsu, the three children where sacrificed to the land of shadows, and in return, Hiruko got his everlasting beauty.

Now that he had tasted the power of a Kinjutsu, he started collecting more and more secret jutsu.
Having become close friends with the Fuma ninja, he learned that his name was Gozu.
Both going their separate ways to collect more powerfull jutsu, Gozu returned to the land of water, while Hiruko also went home.

Anbu arc:
At the age of nineteen, Hiruko entered the ANBU.
Though this was not only because of his great talent as a shinobi, but also because they wanted to keep an eye on him.
Hiruko knew this, so he was extra carefull when dealing with his secret agenda.
Starting to pick up on his former hobby, he used his massive amount of free time to create new water jutsu.
The water jutsu and his unsurpassable speed under water allready gave him the name "Water god", but he was still not satisfied.
He started creating jutsu that involved a body of water that could be used for medical purposes, he created water so dense and fast that it could cut through stone and even created ways to improve himself when under water.

When in the ANBU, he had alot of freedom in doing what he wanted.
Now having permission to the closed part of the library, he remembered a few names of books that he couldnt find before.
After searching for a couple of hours, he spent a few days reading all the books.
When he got home, he would write all the words he read down on scrolls so he had his own copies of the books.

When a group was trying to stage a coup in the village, Hiruko was the first to arrive and kill all the assailants with his combination of water and lightning jutsu.
For this, the hokage started trusting him more.
But in the mean time, the assailants where all dead bodies used by Hiruko and Gozu Fuma so that they could go on with their operations and so Hiruko could earn his trust back.

After three years in the village ANBU, the village had withdrawn their suspicion and let Hiruko live without constantly being checked again.
When this happened, he set up a base of operations just outside of the village.
This place was an abomination of nature, and many cruel and wicked things happened here soon after it was made.

Spending almost all of his time in his underground base, the two shinobi kept on trying to create one jutsu after the other, each one defying nature's creations and laws.
Gozu created a Kinjutsu capable of assimilating a bodypart of another human to their body if their own would somehow be lost.
Testing this jutsu on people they kidnapped from the village, many died while they wrote down the results and then left their subjects to die.
The two men traded many lives for better results and powerfull Kinjutsu.

All went well for their little scheming, but when the day came that they finally created their ultimate kinjutsu, allowing them to eat a bodypart and integrate their chakra, bloodline and life enerfy.
Having come to the point where it enlengthens your life, the village Anbu attacked their settlement.
Fighting to bring his research to safety, he hid them in one of their specialy made body containers.
After unsummoning the container, he performed his most powerfull water style jutsu and flooded his settlement.
After using another nearly equal powerfull lightning element jutsu, he fried everyone inside and made a run for it.

Present time:
Now, more then fifty years later, Hiruko came out of hiding.
Having learned their kinjutsu and their nearly completed technique, he is trying to take the world.
Believing that his new power will prove to much for even the Kage's to handle, he is forming a powerfull group of individuals to take care of the village's, and eventually take over the world.

Role-Play Sample:
How do you RP? Please give us your normal, because we will hold you to the quality you show.
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