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 Suna jounin

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Vergil yashou
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Vergil yashou

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PostSubject: Suna jounin   Suna jounin EmptyWed May 12, 2010 11:54 am

Name: Vergil Yashou
- Nickname: "Buredo no vergil" or "Vergil of the Sword"
Age: 22 years old
Date of Birth: 17th of februari
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Dragon 龍
Gender: Male

Clan: Yashou

Vergil has white hair, blue eyes and a pale skin.
He always has his hair gelled back, with one bang hanging over his face.
His body is rather slender, yet muscular.
His chest and shoulders are covered with several scars.
Vergil's expression is usually emotionless and serious.

Suna jounin Vergil19

Vergil wears a black body armor and black pants.
Underneath it, he wears a black shirt with one long sleeve on the left side.
Under this sleeve, he wears a leather strap on his arm, wich his chain is attached to.

Vergil is calm, cool, and collected, he also likes to read a book every now and then.
He is also very quiet and easily bored and dislikes genjutsu, since he does not think mindgames are worthy of a warrior.
His quietness is not due to a lack of self confidence however. indeed, he never shows fear over anything.
Vergil possesses incredible self-control of his emotions, which he shows by constantly displaying an emotionless personality.
He only shows surprise when opponents proved more powerful or skilled than he had expected, and even then he does'nt lose his composure.

he has proven skillful in areas such as tracking, survival, stealth, assassination and armed-combat.
In addition to being an extremely powerful ninja, Vergil had equally impressive intelligence, and was shown to be very wise.
He is exceedingly sharp and observant to any situation at hand, as he is rarely surprised or caught off guard.

It is said that his speed at moving is only surpassed by the speed at wich his blade cuts.
He wont kill if he doesnt have to, but if it is required to complete his mission, he will kill his opponent without second thought.

Fighting Prowess:
In battle, Vergil fights using either his katana sword, or his weighted chain.
Keeping his sword sheated under his robe, he hid a 3 meter long weighted chain.
When fighting, he carries his sword with his right hand, while keeping his chain hidden in his left sleeve.

He was exceptionally skilled at wielding his chain, capable of deflecting a swarm of shuriken thrown at close range.
He uses his chain for deflecting projectiles aimed at him or his ally, guarding them by dashing iin front of them and then quickly spinning it around infront of him.
Sometimes he uses the chain to constrict his opponents feet or arms when not expecting it.
Vergil could use his chain as a grappling hook, aswell as a climbing rope when having to silently enter enemy territory.
Also, when he is on an assasination assignment, he uses it to strike from behind and opponent and strangling them or breaking their neck.
The weight is attached inside of his left sleeve, locked on a ring hanging from a leather strap on his upper arm.
Though he is skilled with his chain, he is far more dangerous with his sword.

He has tremendous aim and control of where and how it will strike, making it highly difficult for his opponents to predict the weapon’s path.
It was said that among the other hunters, Vergil was by far the fastest and most silent, since the other hunters usually chose a frontal attack.
Vergil has had excessive kenjutsu training from when he was young, and has tested it against many strong foes during his life.
He was so incredible smart and controlled with his sword, that he can use it to descend from a wall or high position by thrusting his sword into the trunk of a tree or into a wall and using it as a stand, thus halting his descendance.
In battle, Vergil is extremely agile, having tremendous acrobatic prowess and dexterity in avoiding attacks.

Good Habit's:
- Vergil prefers to leave his opponent's alive, though he will kill them if they wont give up.
- Vergil isnt angered quickly.
- Vergil has great self control
- Vergil doesnt complain alot.
- Because he is so quiet, it is easier for him to kill an opponent without them noticing him.
- Vergil has alot of trust in his fellow villager's.

Bad habit's:
- Vergil is sarcastic, and will sometimes make a joke in the middle of a sentence, making it hard to know when he is joking or when he isnt.
- Vergil doesnt like vegetables.
- Vergil usually arrives late.

Vergil's favorite food is,
- liver
- spare ribs
- shrimp, Crab, Lobster
- boiled eggs
- mixed rice
- Onigiri

Least favorite food is,
- Vegetables
- Vegetarion cooking
- potato
- Anything sweet

- Working out
- Reading
- meditating

"Enjoy the gift's of life, they can be taken away in an instant"
"Treat your friends well, and they will treat you the same way"
"So..... you think you're a shinobi"
"Have faith in me, as i have faith in you"

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Vergil yashou
Site Contributor
Vergil yashou

Posts : 93
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PostSubject: Re: Suna jounin   Suna jounin EmptyWed May 12, 2010 11:55 am

Rank Information:
Rank: Chuunin
Village: Sunagakure no sato

Skill Information:
Skill Specialty:
Main: Ninjutsu
Second: kenjutsu
Elemental Affinity:
Main: Doton
Sub: Raiton
Special Characteristics:

Animal Empathy
Vergil exudes a calming influence on animals. He is seldom bitten or snarled at and animals immediately like him. He learned this in the forests of jukai, where he learned to interact with animals and interact with animal spirit's.

Reputation - Street
Vergil is a well-known and respected figure on the streets of the Ninja World. He is a nice person to the villagers and his friends, and has killed more then his fair share for the good of the village, wich might be intimidating to oposing village's. In any case, Vergil is generally regarded as a member of the Family in good standing. Vergil may be sought out for jobs or information. He can find information, weapons, pharmaceuticals, and inexpensive stolen goods with little trouble. When in need, he can find a safe house in which to hide until trouble passes.

Vergil has impeccable credentials that are of great use when opening up doors to Ninja society. Vergil is a well respected Shinobi in most parts of the village, aswell as by most other people knowing him. In short, Vergil will seldom want for employment and can get admission into the best private schools and exclusive clubs. He will be able to obtain audiences and even favors from individuals who would otherwise be disinclined to hear him out.

Infectious Personality
Vergil's personality is naturally infectious. Those in his presence will begin to take on his affectations, vocal patterns, and inflections. When he is happy, those around him laugh with him. When he despairs, those in his presence share his pain.

Vergil possesses a mysterious factor that keeps him from getting ill, literally rendering him immune to unknown pathogens, including the Plague. (Not Poisons/Acids/Etc, only "Disease")

Able Bodied
Vergil is in excellent physical shape. He heals quickly and is seldom ill.

Vergil is equally adept at using either hand. Although ambidexterity is rare at birth, it can be learned. Most duelists spend their whole lives refining this talent.

Light Sleeper
Vergil is very light sleeper. Any noise at all will instantly awaken him to a state of full alert. Vergil is no easier to sneak up on while asleep than he is when he is awake.

Vergil has a deep and abiding faith to sustain him. He believes in the greatness of Sunagakure. He believes that the people will help eachother out. He also has faith in his friends and team members, like he hope that they have faith in him.

Photographic Memory
Vergil remembers everything he sees and hears with absolute clarity. To represent this extraordinary gift, the player controlling the character should take copious notes throughout play to represent his character's memory.

Vergil has become accustomed to the horrors of the Ninja world and possesses a steely resolve.

Vergil is usually late for his apointments. This is due to him being easily distracted by things on his way, and because he does not care much for most apointments. Also, he sometimes appears on an apointment way to early because he fears that he'd be late otherwise.


Academy jutsu:

Non element jutsu:

Earth Style ninjutsu:

Lightning style ninjutsu:

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Vergil yashou
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Vergil yashou

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PostSubject: Re: Suna jounin   Suna jounin EmptyWed May 12, 2010 11:55 am

Name: Iaijutsu
Type: Kenjutsu
Rank: C
Element: -
Iaijutsu, is a Japanese martial art associated with the smooth, controlled movements of drawing the sword from its scabbard, striking or cutting an opponent, removing blood from the blade, and then replacing the sword in the scabbard. often translated roughly as the "art of mental presence and immediate reaction", is the Japanese martial art of drawing the sword. At least one author makes the distinction that, strictly speaking, iaijutsu consists exclusively of the portion of combat where the sword is drawn, and that any further techniques are technically classified as kenjutsu.[/i]

Name: Kazekiri
Type: Kenjutsu
Rank: B
Element: Lightning
Kazekiri, or Wind cutter is a style that has been invented by Isao the hunter, and perfected by Vergil. Using the Lightning element to sharpen the cutting edge of the blade, it gives a boost to the speed. This style has been created to follow after the art of iaijutsu has been used. After the lightning quick unsheat and cut, it follows with another barrage of swift cuts. Using the light weight of the sword to cut 5 times in two seconds time, it uses the lightning element to improve it's cutting power. This is one of the styles that Vergil has become known with.


Name: Jugan, heart of jukai
Jugan has a white hilt with a black Tsuki (scabard).
It has a yellow rope wrapped around it, the rope was woven out of tiger's hair.
The Tsuki was made out of the dark colored Jukai pine trees, and is very durable.
The blade itself has been made out of a chakra conductive metal, and is able to surge chakra.
Rank: B-S
Special Abilities:
The sword Jugan was made to be the fastest and most durable blade in the shinobi world. It is much lighter then your average katana and is also more durable. It also has the characteristic's of an O-katana wich are said to be the sharpest among the katana swords.
It is a sword crafted for swift assasination's, but is now used for one to one combat.
Because the sword is made out of a special material, it has the ability to channel chakra, though it works best with the Fuuton and Raiton element's; since these are best used for speed and cutting power.
Legend tells that the sword was one of the legendary artifact said to have gone lost a long time ago. Having been made shortly after the sealing of Jugan and Myojin, this sword was traditionally made to honor Jugan's sacrifice. In the time that Vergil's father was gone, he had found the sword and planned to give it to Vergil. This eventually happened, and he trained vergil in using it to strike blows so fast that it could even cut down trees.

Name: Weighted Chain
It is a simple chain with a weight attached to it to improve its movement speed.
Rank: C
Special abilities:
The chain is about five meters long and has a weight attached to the end of it.
This weight can be used to pummel his opponents and to improve the movement speed of the chain.
It is also used to grapple and pull in enemies.
Other then that, it can be used for rappeling, used as a grappling hook or to tie someone down.
He can also use it to deflect projectiles by lashing it out of his sleeve and spinning it infront of him, intercepting the projectiles.
it is attached to his upper arm, locked on a leather strap.
Though he is proficient in using it, he doesn do so very often.
This was once the weapon of one of the Shrine guardians. When the Shrine was blown up, one of the guardians got killed. Vergil took this Chain weapon and learned how to use it as his own.

Name: Buredo Yoroi [Blade armor]
Rank: -
Special characteristics: Made from black leather on the outside, with the inside made out of wool, it is both warm and comfortable armor.
Being filled with strips of steel on the inside, it is pretty durable and able to decrease the damage from blunt attacks, spreading the damage instead of taking it in one spot.
Though it i strong against blunt attacks, there is some space between the strips.
This space is large enough for a small stabbing weapon to get through.
This is the armor he took with him when he left Jukai forest.
It was the traditional battle armor used for generations.
His grandfather wore it before him, and now Vergil uses it.

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Vergil yashou
Site Contributor
Vergil yashou

Posts : 93
Join date : 2010-04-07
Age : 27

Suna jounin Empty
PostSubject: Re: Suna jounin   Suna jounin EmptyWed May 12, 2010 11:55 am

History and RP Sample:
History of Shinzui:

Birth arc (0-10)
Child of nature:

40 years ago, the great shaman "Dosan, the falling leaf" had a vision.
It was the prophecy about the future of Jukai forest and the saving of it's people.

"In 8 years time, the child of two paths will be born.
He shall unite the village and be trained in both the way of the warrior, and the way of the shaman.
He shall listhen to the voice of nature to cleanse himself and his people.
This child shall learn the way's of Jugan, the rising star.
It is he, who shall save Jukai forest from infinite rage".

Suna jounin Suna_b10
The "Child of two paths".

32 years ago, in a land far from the wind country's border, a baby was born in the forest of Jukai.
It was a dense forest, inhabited only by the yashou clan, a clan dedicated to sustaining the forest and it's ancestral spirits.
Being a clan that had family members over the age of 100, they where a clan that believed strongly in the spirit's of nature.
THe clan itself was split in two sorts of people, these two sides didnt like eachother very much, but tolerated each others excistance.

When the baby was born, there was a strong but gentle breeze flying freely throughout the forest.
Believing that it was what the wind told them, the elders named the baby, Vergil.

Suna jounin Suna_o10
Dosan, the falling leaf

When Vergil was born, his mother was very weak.
His mother was named Onna, and was the daughter of Dosan, the falling leaf.
Dosan was the leader of the shaman's and was said to communicate directly with the forests spirit's.
His father was Isao, the leader of the hunters.

It was a bit strange, since no one knew on wich side of the forest he should live.
Since his mother was from the shamanistic side and his father from the hunter side, it was a bit of a sensitive case.
When on the brink of war between the villagers, Vergils father stepped up and gave his baby son to the Shaman elder named Dosan, the grandfather of Vergil.

After giving the baby to the shaman's, he made sure that the boy would be trained in both the ways of the shaman, and in the ways of the hunter.
Agreeing to this, he brought the village together to one whole.
Tolerating eachother now that the child was said to be trained in both ways.
This way, Vergil became the tie between the two village's, wich was also unknowingly the first piece of Dosan's prophecy.
Shortly after Giving his child to the shaman's, Isao disappeared from the village.

Suna jounin Suna_v10
Isao, Head of hunters

Academy arc (10-14)
Hero of two paths:

As he grew up to the age of ten, he was taken with his uncle Iwamori.
It was said that his power was so great, that he knocked a raging elephant unconscious and took it into the forest with nothing but his bare hands.
He was also the first to have mastered the way of the open fist, and was the one who would train Vergils body to be worthy of becoming a village guardian.
Doing multiple excercises with his uncle, his uncle was not impressed, saying that he had the body of an untrained sprout.
This would not do, if he was indeed the child of prophecy, he had to train longer and harder.
His uncle then sent him home, to his mother.

Suna jounin Suna_o11
Iwamori of the open fist

When Vergil got home, his mother took him outside.
Walking through half of the village, he saw a green aura rise up from the top of his grandfathers treehouse.
Being the highest and oldest of all tree's in jukai, it was quite a climb to get upstairs.
When he and his mother came up, he saw his grandfather dosan meditate with the nature spirit's.
The aura that rose from his grandfather was powerfull and noticable healing quantities, seeing as how the trees above him grew twigs and leaves.
It was why the man was called the falling leaf after all.

Suna jounin Suna_c10
Dosan's meditation

When the man woke up from his meditation, he greeted his grandson with a hug.
Sitting with his mother and grandfather on the flat roof of his house, his grandfather told him the legend of jukai forest.
Legend told that before the humans and creature's lived in the forest, ancient spirits of nature lived in it.
Taking form as moving moss, living trees and walking earth, it was a paradise for spirits.
The leader of this forest was a dragon called, "Jugan, the rising star".
He was said to have become the embodiment of all the spirit's good will.
His breath formed the cold breeze's throughout Jukai forest, while his gaze grew trees wherever he watched.

Suna jounin Suna_j10
Jugan, the rising star

But as there was a good spirit, so did an evil spirit take rise.
Myojin, born from the rage of the spirits had a human like appearance, having only 9 arms and nine swords.
It was said that his anger withered the forest, and his hate let the river flood.
When these Spirit's eventually clashed, Jugan ate Myojin and sealed itself in a shrine made of wood, later called the "Honden of life's web".
As the two entities where sealed away from this world, new live took rise.
It was said that the people from Jukai had been made out of both Spirits, knowing both hate and love.
They also spawned the wildlife, and created the great tree of jukai in wich the people could live.

Suna jounin Suna_d10
Myojin, the infinte rage

These people where to tend to the forest and it's wildlife.
If the Shrine would not be taken proper care of, or would be destroyed, the burning body of Jugan would rise up as ryusei, the falling star.
He would crash into the hearth of the forest and set it on fire, with the initial release of Myojin, the infinite rage.

Being impressed by the legend, his grandfather and his mother started his first day of training in the ways of the shaman.
What he had to do first, was to forget about himself, forget about his suroundings and only listhen to the wind.
It was the first test he had to pass, in order to become one of the listheners of Jukai forest.
Trying his hardest, he heard the wind, but could not hear any voices.
This did not worry his grandfather as it did his mother.
His grandfather just laughed and said that it would come to him soon.
Having said this, it had gotten late and his mother took Vergil home.

Genin arc (10-16)
Making friends on the hunt:
4 years later, a man came to his house.
He said he had orders to take the boy to the hunting grounds.
Getting dressed, he took the Bo-staff he got from Iwamori and followed the man.
Upon arrival, Vergil met an arrogant kid that was wearing the remains of woodland animals.
Saying that he was the son of one of the village's best hunters, Vergil looked up to him a bit.
When he was on the training ground, training with his Bo-staff, he saw the kid Fight with his Club.
The club was made out of dense jukai wood and imprinted with the teeth of the Imperiosaur, one of the strongest woodland animals living in Jukai.

Suna jounin Suna_e10
The Hunting veteran's

Being impressed by the way he fought with it, his trainer arrived with his own hunting partners.
They all looked powerfull and intimidating, but they where very nice men.
When they went into the forest, the where stalking a pack of wildebeasts.
As their sensei's dived down ontop of the wildebeasts, they left the boys to watch.
But wat the veteran warriors didnt notice, was the fact that they where being stalked by a panther.
Suddenly attacking, the panther clawed open Vergils shoulder and chest.

By a pair of powerfull hits, his new friend "Hiruko" killed the panther.
As the man returned with their kill, they saw the two boys and the dead panther.
As blood seeped out of the wounds, the men took him to see Dosan.
Quickly aiding Vergil, he closed the wounds with his chakra, leaving only some large scars.
Being in debt with Hiruko, the two had become both friends and rivals within an hour.

Upon arriving home, he was hugged by a worried mother.
As she saw his scars and bloody clothes, she fainted and Vegil had to lift her and place her on a bed.
Sleeping soundly for the rest of the evening, he thought about wat had happened earlier.
Not being able to sleep, he went to the roof of their house and started climbing the grand tree of jukai.
Being watched from a distance, his grandfather Dosan laughed as he smoked his pipe.
Upon reaching the top, he went into a meditative position.
Listhening to the wind, he still did not hear a thing.

Suna jounin Suna_f10
Hiruko rushing at the panther

Still a lit angered for him not being able to defend himself, he wanted to achieve something just like hiruko.
Knowing that Hiruko had become a hunter because of his glorious kill, he had to do something to make people notice him aswell.
Trying his hardest, he sat in the tree for three hours, only meditating.
It was then that he heard the first voice.

Though he had his eyes closed, he could see the spirit of a wolf.
With bright, sliver manes, it walked up to him from the air.
"Greetings young Vergil, i have heard alot about you".
As the wolf pointed his nose at Dosan's location, he knew who he had heard it from.
Talking to the spirit for about an hour, the wolf took it's leave and Vergil had achieved something of his own.
Leaving the tree, he went home and went to bed.

Chuunin arc (14-16)
Jukai's Second swordmen:

A few years after he had made first contact with the spirit of the wolf, he had started comunicating with more spirit's.
It these few years, his mother fell ill and passed away.
This had quite an impact on Vergil, seeing as how he was very close with his mother.
Having been cremated in a ceremonial fire, Dosan was chanting with the nature spirits all night.
It was also the first time that he had seen his grandfather cry.

Living alone for a while, he had redecorated the house.
Not feeling at ease when at home, he left for a while.
Going into the the forest of jukai, he went to the river to take a bath.
Washing himself in the river, he suddenly saw his father at the rivers edge.

Suna jounin Suna_h10
The forest of Jukai

Having a discussion about why he left, he didnt give much of a reason other then feeling like it.
Sulking for a moment, he took it like a man and was wondering why his father had come to see him now.
Saying that he wanted to train his son in the art of kenjutsu, he gave his son a cheap metal sword.
Training together for the rest of the day, the two layed down in the grass and rested.
That night, Vergil saw the silhouette of his mother, dancing in the falling leaves.

Running to her, she told him that a new presence had entered the forest, a presence that was trying to hurt the forest.
Vergil then woke up, noticing that he had a vision.
Waking his father, he wanted to check the forest.
Though he didnt want to know much of it, he went with his son and they scoured the forest.
Hearing a horse in the distance, they went over there in a matter of seconds.
Seeing a rather tall Ronin samurai on a horse, the man had quite an intimidating look.

Suna jounin Suna_r10
The Attacking ronin

After a moment of staring at eachother, the warrior said only that their forest would soon be destroyed.
Not giving them any reason why, the man dismounted his horse and attacked Isao with hus Naginata.
Parrying the blow, the two man traded blows with eachother.
Though it seemed as if Isao had the upper hand, seeing as how the Ronin kept falling back further into the forest.
Deciding that he could no longer do nothing, he went in to fight aswell.
Though he was quickly overpowered, Isao gave him the final hit and severed his arm from his body.

Choosing to run, he ran like the wind.
Getting further and further into the forest, he eventually arrived at the honden of life's web.
Taking a bomb from his pack, he trew it below him, blowing up himself and the Shrine.
Seeing the impact it had on the shrine, Isao knew that this would mean trouble for the entire forest.
The two men quickly ran back to the village, and reported the bad news to Dosan.

Suna jounin Suna_s10
The ravaged Shrine

Chuunin arc II (16-20)
Journey to the wind country:
Having reported the bad new's to the elders, they thought of it to be a wise thing if they would allow Vergil to leave on a journey with his father.
It was most likely to dangerous for the kid to stay when the Myojin would rise.
Strongly disagreeing and planning to stay, his uncle iwamori tapped his hand into his neck.
As Vergil passed out, his uncle gave his body to Isao, saying that he had to leave right away.
Promissing that he would end the boy's training, the two went towards the land of wind.

On their way out, Isao heard strange music from the woods.
Going to check it out, he found an old man playing the banjo.
Saying that he knew that he would come, he pointed to the side.
Seeing a sword and a suit of armor, he took it with him.
Since the old man said that his "Child" would be needing it more, he got up and disappeared as fast as he had came.

Suna jounin Suna_o12

Carrying an unconscious Vergil, his father journeyed through forests, canyons, mountains and tundra's, untill he eventually found a large village that seemed to have been made out of sand.
Having spent hours negotiating with the hidden sand, he and Vergil where allowed to live there, and Vergil gained the rank of Chuunin, since one of his family members was in a council regarding the village.
He had heard what Vergil achieved in very little time, thus allowing him to become a chuunin.

Suna jounin Suna_c11

Chuunin arc III (20-22)
Two minutes to midnight:
Having been a chuunin for two years now, he had made himself quite a reputation.
Being known as "Buredo no Vergil", the people of the sand village treated him kindly and with respect.
He also treated the village with respect, and loved living there.
In two years time, Vergil had completed a total of 16 missions, 1 D-rank, 7 C-rank, 6 B-rank and even 2 A-rank.
Since he was a very skilled fighter, he constantly tried to improve himself.
He showed this by constantly training with his sword and by finishing missions.

Now that a new part of his life had opened up, more will be told in time...
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