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 Iwagakure's Subboards

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Hontoosuru Kizuato
Hontoosuru Kizuato

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PostSubject: Iwagakure's Subboards   Sun Apr 11, 2010 3:46 pm

This is a list of subboards for Iwa. The numbers are main subboards, the letters are the subboards within their number. For example, 1a is inside of 1. The itallicized stuff underneath is the description that goes underneath the title of the subboard. Please don't forget those descriptions! Thanks Smile

1. Suchiiru no Shiro - The Citadel of Steel
- A massive and impenatrable fortress stands tall at the heart of Iwagakure. This grand castle contains everything from the Tsuchikage’s office to the administrative department. In the case of war, this fortress would be Iwagakure’s final bastion of defense.

1a. The Royal Level
- The upper floor of the Citadel of Steel, this floor used to be used by the royal family many years ago. Now the Tsuschikage uses it for political meetings and as his office space.

1b. The Administrative Department
- The lower floor of the Citadel of Steel, this floor is used by the village’s administration. Mission lists can be found here, and teams are assigned from this area. Issues with the going ons in the village can be taken up here.

2. Iwagakure’s Buildings
- The majority of Iwagakure’s buildings are found here. Everything from stores to forges to the ninja academy.

2a. Doriku Steak House
- A very popular restaurant, the Doriku Steak House can be rather expensive. A lot of high shinobi meet here to discuss issues going on in the village, and people often come to Doriku to celebrate major achievements. Their steak practically melts in your mouth.

2b. Makimaki Noodoru
- Much less expensive than Doriku, Makimaki Noodoru is a noodle restaurant that’s very popular among teenagers and groups of Genin. Squads often come here to celebrate a successful mission, and Makimaki’s Chili Noodles are rather famous.

2c. Iwagakure Hospital
- The hospital is often full of injured shinobi. Iwagakure has been training its shinobi very intensely as of late, and because of that there have been many more injuries recently than normal.

2d. The Ninja Academy
- Iwagakure is much more intense in its training of junior ninja than the other academies. It often borders on child abuse, as junior ninja are forced to train to the brink of unconsciousness and do activities that are extremely dangerous. Many people have pushed to have the ninja training system revised, but the Tsuchikage refuses to do any such thing.

2e. The Colleseum
- A massive stone colleseum build into the mountain range that stands at once end of Iwagakure, the Colleseum is where contests in Iwagakure are held. Whenever Iwagakure has had a turn hosting the chuunin exams, the final phase of the exam is held in the Colleseum. Other contests are held there as well, and individual shinobi often meet each other in the Colleseum to spar.

3. The Iwagakure Graveyaerd
- Iwagakure’s graveyard is filled with the honored tombs of the dead. Many of the tombs belong to the deceased shinobi from Iwa’s many past wars, though just as many belong to the common villagers who have passed on.

4. The Great Wall
- Although one side of Iwagakure is protected by a huge mountain range, the other has no such natural barrier. Rather, on the other side Iwagakure has a massive stone wall that is almost 100 feet in height, and is over twenty feet wide. There are two gates along the wall that serve as the main entry points into Iwagakure.

5. Kowareru Mountains
- These mountains form a natural boundary on the other side of Iwagakure. They’re large and extremely dangerous, filled with a number of giant animals, especially giant snakes and bears. Missing ninja and bandits also hide out in these mountains. They’ve somehow managed to resist the Tsuchikage’s many attempts to remove them.

5a. Training Area
- Nestled deep inside the Kowareru Mountains is a large clearing used by Iwa’s shinobi to train. It contains specific sections for sparring and for practicing jutsu.
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Iwagakure's Subboards
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