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 Iwagakure Missions

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Hontoosuru Kizuato
Hontoosuru Kizuato

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PostSubject: Iwagakure Missions   Wed Apr 14, 2010 11:13 am


Missions are an important part in the life of a shinobi. They go on missions frequently, both to aid their village and to increase its reputation. In return, they are rewarded with money and prestige. Your rank decides what level of mission you can perform. Academy Students can not perform missions, Genin can perform up to C rank missions, Chuunin can perform up to B rank, Jounin up to A, and ANBU, Sannin, and the Tsuchikage can perform up to S rank missions. Rare exceptions may be made in times of extreme need.

In general, Iwagakure missions are classified as one of the following kinds of missions (some may involve multiple parts, though). NPCs, traps, and other such things will be played by Vergil, myself, or another staff member.

Search missions involve the character searching for an item or object of some importance. All Search missions have a minimum number of posts, which are the number of posts the shinobi must make. NPC posts are included in this number. During a search mission, each post is part of an important step in the mission, and either Vergil or myself must tell you that you successfully cleared that part before you make the next post in the mission. Each post must be a minimum length based on the rank of the mission.
E - 200 words per post. D - 300 words per post. C - 400 words per post. B - 550 words per post. A - 750 words per post. S - 1,000 words per post.

Patrol missions involve the shinobi patrolling something, usually Iwagakure's borders. Sometimes, these missions go smoothly without any combat. Most of the time, though, you'll stumble upon something that makes things more difficult. Often, you'll have to battle enemy intruders or missing ninja.

Rescue missions involve the shinobi trying to rescue someone from another group. The person might've been kidnapped, and is probably being held hostage. Rescue missions don't always involve saving people; you could also have to save someone's dog, or something similar. These missions can't be completed in only 1 post. There are NPCs involved in this mission type. The shinobi doesn't necessarily have to rescue the hostage by beating the other NPCs; he could sneak in and rescue the hostage, or find other creative solutions.

Combat missions involve the shinobi having to fight someone. The shinobi might have to fight a wanted criminal and subdue him or her so they can bring the person to prison. It could involve fighting a group of bandits and driving them off. What you'll have to do varies from one mission to another. This mission can't be completed in only 1 post and does involve NPCs.

Escort missions have the shinobi escorting a person to a desired location. It could be something easy, like helping a blind person get home, or something more complex like escorting a supply caravan through enemy territory. This mission can't be completed in only 1 post and does involve NPCs.

Miscellaneous missions are any that don't fall into the other categories.

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Hontoosuru Kizuato
Hontoosuru Kizuato

Posts : 62
Join date : 2010-04-05
Age : 25
Location : Iwagakure

PostSubject: Re: Iwagakure Missions   Wed Apr 14, 2010 11:14 am

Solo Missions

Snake Infestation

Rank: D
Type: Search
Total Number of Posts: 3+ (not including posts from the NPC) (Each post must be at least 300 words.)
NPC: Mushroom Farmer
Description: A mushroom farmer in a deep recess in the Kowareru Mountains has been supplying Iwagakure with a good supply of food for quite a while. Recently, however, he has been sending less and less supplies. It would seem that his normal farming area has become infested with snakes, which makes it too dangerous for him to farm.
This mission takes at least 3 posts from the shinobi who takes it, as well as interaction with NPCs. In the first post, the ninja must go into the mountains and find the farmer. The second post involves the shinobi talking to the farmer, and the final post has the shinobi actually removing the snakes. It would be preferred if the shinobi removes the snakes in a way that doesn't harm them.

Where's Mochi?

Rank: D
Type: Search
Total Number of Posts: 3+ (Each post must be at least 300 words.) (Interaction with NPCs after each post.)
NPC: Village Folk and Mochi
Description: Nayomi has lost her precious little puppy, Mochi. The puppy is white with black splotches, and is very small. She's worried that something bad has happened to him, and has asked for someone to search for the puppy.
In the first post, the shinobi must ask around to see if anyone has actually seen the puppy. The second post has the shinobi finding the actual puppy. The third one has the shinobi returning Mochi to Nayomi and collecting his/her reward.

Pick Special Healing Herbs

Rank: C
Type: Search
Total Number of Posts: 4+ (Each post must be at least 400 words.)
Description: For this mission, the ninja has to go into the Kowareru Mountains to get a special herb that has healing properties if extracted properly.
The mountains are not very far from the village, but it takes a while for a genin to climb since they most likely do not know they're way up. This will take one post to climb up there from the village.
Also, the ninja has to take caution since there might be bears or large snakes in the area that might not like intruders on their territory. Sneaking around the beasts with stealth will take one post.
Finding the herb is not hard, since they stand out with their bright blue color and their soothing smell.
Finding the Plants, picking them and placing them into a basket and them returning to the village will take one post, since they know where the came from and know how to get down faster then they came up.
Then they only have to take it back to the Iwagakure hospital for extraction.

Border Patrol

Rank: B
Type: Patrol/Combat
NPC: Missing Ninja
Description: Because of the recent Iwa-Suna war, the Tsuchikage wants to maintain his borders and keep them under control. You must patrol the border and search for any breaches in the wall. Keep an eye out for enemy ninja who might be trying to scale the wall or burrow under it. Any such ninja encountered must either be killed or taken in for questioning.

Diplomacy is the Name of the Game

Rank: B
Type: Diplomacy/Spying
Description: This mission involves the shinobi going to the village of Konohagakure and talking to the Hokage. The shinobi must discuss with the Hokage about the treaties currently active and discern the strength of Konoha's alliance with Suna.
After that, they must discuss a few things regarding trade. Iwagakure has been using a great deal of metal to create weapons lately, and it can no longer supply Konoha with metal at such a cheap cost. Iwagakure needs more food, though, so the shinobi must arrange a way for Konoha to increase the amount of food they give Iwa in return for the metal. The shinobi can not tell Konoha the real reason we can't supply as much metal! They can't know that we're making much more weapons than normal.

The Drunkard, Ujimare

Rank: A
Type: Combat
NPC: Ujimare, a Missing Nin
Description: Ujimare is a dangerous missing ninja who utilizes Suiken, or drunken fighting. He is very dangerous to combat and must be approached with great care. He has been hiding out in Iwagakure, and has been very good at keeping his presence a secret. The shinobi must find Ujimare's hideout and attack him. There will be no mercy; Ujimare is not to be taken prisoner. Bring back his head, or die trying.
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Hontoosuru Kizuato
Hontoosuru Kizuato

Posts : 62
Join date : 2010-04-05
Age : 25
Location : Iwagakure

PostSubject: Re: Iwagakure Missions   Sat Apr 17, 2010 12:32 pm

((Group Missions will be added when Iwagakure has more ninja.))
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PostSubject: Re: Iwagakure Missions   

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Iwagakure Missions
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