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 kurai taiyou

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PostSubject: kurai taiyou   Mon Apr 05, 2010 7:12 pm

Name: kurai taiyou

History:the group was started after the suna-iwa war was going on they were made to protect the villages kumo mostly it was started by a uchiha that had some how lived after the war was over they decided to stay around to help all villages the main base was in suna they try to find and protect good jinchuriki and evil as well so that the akatsuki dosent get them for the plan for world domanation [sp?] each member had a dark katana with a piece of the demons power traped with in the strongist haveing the nine tailed foxes and the weakist haveing the shakakus they want to protect every village out there so the members could spread as far as mist to kumo to konoha and so on and so forth each member has a certin tatto the leader haveing the kyuubi whiskers on his face

Members: (1/9) i'm the leader

Symbols: Tatto
Second in command:Ox head
Member:One tail with seven wings that wraps around your upper body
Member:A slug on the right arm
Member:A Dolphin Horse on the back
Member:A moneky on top of a volcano on your chest
Member:A turtle on your arm
Member:Flames on your chest
Member:A tanuki-like black eye rings around your eyes

Special Items:A dark katana for each

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PostSubject: Re: kurai taiyou   Mon Apr 05, 2010 7:29 pm

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kurai taiyou
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