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 Amiya Chinatsu [Hokage] [Finally done!]

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PostSubject: Amiya Chinatsu [Hokage] [Finally done!]   Amiya Chinatsu [Hokage] [Finally done!] EmptyTue Mar 30, 2010 6:23 pm

Name: Chinatsu, Amiya (Beautiful Thousand Summer)
Nickname: Bright Lightning, Lucky, Summer
Age: 22
Date of Birth: 28th June
Chinese Zodiac: Rabbit
Clan: Chinatsu

Looks: Amiya does in fact live up to her name. She is a very beautiful woman and sought after by most men in Konoha. She has extremely long and flowing blond hair that she usually leaves loose when she is doing her usual call of business, but when it is called upon for her to fight she will tie it back into a messy bun to keep it out of her eyes. Stunning honey coloured eyes sit like orbs in the top half of her face, and she has a very smooth and pale complexion. She barely wears make-up, for she feels there is no need if she is going to be in her office where no one can see her. Her usual choice of attire can vary depending on what mood she is in, but usually she dresses in bright clothing to suit her name. Soothing white sun dresses, pastel coloured shirts, faded blue shorts and mostly tan sandles go on her delicate feet. She mainly wears some white net gloves that weave their way up past her elbows, and tied up with a bow to keep them in place.

Her limbs are very slim lined and graceful to look at, her arms are exactly in proportion with her body along with her long, slender legs. Despite the obvious look of fragility about the young woman, she is in fact extremely strong for her weight and height. She stands at a decent height of 5"6, the average for women. And as for her weight, she is almost as light as a feather weighing only 110 lbs. This weight suits her because of how petite she is.

If anything Amiya looks like your way above average village woman, but once you get to know her you will be greatly shocked. She doesn't look like a Hokage at all, and since she doesn't wear the attire of a Kage that much around the village so she doesn't get mobbed you wouldn't be able to tell.




Personality: Amiya is your better than average bubbly character. She is not loud, and yet she always gets herself heard by everyone, and that is not only because she is the Hokage. There is a certain aura around her that draws people to instantly like her nice carefree attitude. Even though she may not let on she is very intelligent, that is a fact that cannot be escaped. Since most of her time is spent doing paperwork (which she may complain about but loves really) her brain is more adept at solving problems than others. She is a very quick learner, and if shown how to do something she will near enough instantly be able to follow it.

She has a very loving side to her, and when she is away from her work and walking around the village she will openly offer her help to those who need it. If anything, this is mostly children since she is a very motherly figure after helping to look after her younger siblings earlier on in her life. Amiya also has a very determined streak, and if her mind is set on something she will stop at nothing to get there. After all, that is how she made it to where she is today.

In battle she changes her happy persona for a very serious one. She is very competitive, and doesn't really like to be beaten, at near enough anything. She may seem to shrug it off and smile about it, but inside she will be blaming herself for not being good enough. After having a very pressured childhood where she had to set a good example for her brothers and sisters she formed this aspect to her rather complex personality.

Her intellect gives her some insight to some clever jokes, and she will often be found with her friends sharing them all and having a good laugh. Amiya has a very steady temper, and will barely lose it over anything. Even if she has a very difficult situation sat in front of her, and after some time when most people would flip out, she would still be keeping a level head. There are sensitive areas, however, and if someone may touch on them, then you do not want to be in the vicinity of her rage.

Clan Information

Clan Name: Chinatsu
Kekkei Genkai: The clan member has a particular item that holds a brighter alter-ego of themselves to help them in battle. If they are struggling and need a strength boost (of around 25%), they may call upon this blood line ability. However, after this is used the user will faint afterwards so it has to be used in very difficult situations. It can become fatal if used too much.
Clan Symbol: Amiya Chinatsu [Hokage] [Finally done!] Stars3
Clan History: This clan originated from the Lightning country a long time ago, almost 100 years back. Then, they had many members of the clan, all expert craftsmen and women that could make exquisite jewellery and weapons. All members made themselves items of which they would wear all the time so that they could be identified. These included necklaces, bracelets, anklets, pendants, so on and so forth.

Many years later the leader of the clan at the time (Shuugo Chinatsu) started to experiment with manipulating his chakra into the items. At first they gave off strange glows of different colours, but as time went on and he continued with his experiments he found that he could hear voices. Shuugo continued to tweak his bracelet until he figure out what he had done before to hear voices. The voice he heard told him one thing, "Your generation seem worthy of our power." This of course confused the man. What power? He decided to leave the bracelet alone now, since the whole predicament started to scare him. That night as he slept, the items he had been experimenting on all glowed the same colour, a blinding yellow light. Then, they flashed three times and appeared on the respective clan member's wrists.

The voice heard by the clan's leader was in fact the leader of a mysterious life force named the Glowing Phoenix. These people all had control over lightning and fire, having 25% enhanced strength and being more nimble than most. They were viewed as deities in their own realm, but were forced to flee to the Lightning country in order to escape the terrible plague that engulfed their land. Because of them being only spirits, they needed host bodies, powerful ones of that. That is what lead them to the Chinatsu clan. A very special contract was made between them and the clan, agreeing on what would happen. The Glowing Phoenix people would reside in the items made by the clan, and to make things even the clan members would all be slightly weaker than those of normal shinobi standards.

Now, the current leader is Amiya who moved to Konoha when she was only a baby with her parents. Recently, her parents were killed in a freak mission accident, and her younger siblings have all moved back over to the Lightning country in order to sort out some problems that have occurred over there.
Link: (None yet)

Rank Information
Rank: Hokage
Village: Konohagakure

Skill Information
Skill Speciality:
Main: Ninjutsu
Sub: Medical Ninjutsu
Elemental Affinity:
Main: Raiton
Sub: Katon
Special Characteristics: Amiya wields the bracelet of great insight, the item that contains the most powerful of the Glowing Phoenix spirits because she is the clan's current leader.


Academy Jutsu


Raiton Jutsu:


Katon Jutsu:


Medical Ninjutsu:


My own jutsu:

Name: Unleashing the Glowing Phoenix
Type: None
Rank: B-S
Element: None in particular
Description: This jutsu allows the user to release the Phoenix from their item that they hold which allows this. In order to make this jutsu work, you have to be a member of the Chinatsu clan and thus have a contract with the Glowing Phoenix people. They must also be of Chuunin level in order to do this, because they need the elements of lightning and fire. Depending on what the user looks like, will determine what their alter-ego will look like.





Kunai x20
Shurikan x20
Smoke Bombs x10
Blank Scrolls x15
Senbon x30
Wire x5 coils

History and Roleplay Sample

Pre-Birth Arc
A long time before Amiya's birth, when her parents were merely children, the clan leader who made the contract with the Glowing Phoenixes made a lot of very beautiful items that would contain the souls of the dying era of people. A bracelet for the leader of the clan; a pendant for the second in command; a ceremonial dagger for the third in command; a choker for the lady of the clan (a noblewoman); a 2 metre length decorated sword for a swordsman; a knuckle duster for a fighter; three golden rings for an elder; a utility belt for a younger clans member; two golden sais for an assassin; a silver armband for a lesser member and a small crystal for a marriage gift. The later contains the joint Phoenix souls of both members, however, if one in the marriage was not in the clan, the crystal would extract a little from their soul to embed in it anyway. This meant that the pair were joined together forever, and a divorce was out of question.

Amiya's parents where very powerful shinobi in the Lightning country before she was born, and were the joint leaders of their clan at this time. However, problems started to arise throughout their clan when it was found out that their marriage crystal had been smashed. This was a huge betrayal in their traditions, and were frowned upon greatly by the elders. Swordsmen and assassins from their own flesh and blood (in the father's case) came to get them, and so they resulted in fleeing to Konoha. With Amiya only being a baby at this time, they couldn't risk their child's life as well as their own.

So they found a house in Konoha and settled down there. Everyone was friendly towards the couple, offering to look after Amiya when she got to be restless to give them a break and have time to unwind after the horrific ordeals they had been through. They instantly liked the village, and didn't ever plan on going back to the Lightning country at all after all that had been said and done. They felt safe here, and thought it was a nice stable place to bring up children.

Amiya started to develop her stronger characteristics at around the time when she turned 5 years old. She was a very nice caring child that always tried to help out her parents and make herself useful. On top of that her cheerful side started to shine through strongly as she never seemed to be in a bad mood. When she turned 6 years old, she gained a younger sister who was named Haranami. This gave her all the more chance to be loving, and helped her mother out with the new restless baby as much as she possibly could.

Due to this early experience with children she got on well with others, making friends quickly because of her infectious nature of which people seemed drawn to. The adults thought that she was adorable, and the other kids around her age thought she was great fun to be around. Overall, she was a greatly liked child, and loved to have a lot of attention but didn't mind if she didn't.

Because she hated to get in trouble, it rarely happened and she always tried to please people rather than annoy/ make them feel bad. Some might have said she was more considerate than an adult. It was around the age of 7 that she started to think about what she would like to do when she was older. At the time, the Hokage was good at what he did, but didn't care much for the people's feelings. This made Amiya think that she would do a better job, and thus inspired herself to become the next Hokage.

Academy Arc
Finally, Amiya persuaded herself to join the Academy. At first, she was extremely nervous and found it difficult to interact with people, but slowly and surely started to get her natural charm back again. People at the Academy became her close friends, and her Sensei seemed to see great potential in the young girl as she excelled in all her written work, as well as being eager to learn with practical jutsu assignments.

Even though she was never really talented in Taijutsu or Genjutsu work, she always tried her hardest and managed to make them work for her. But inside she knew that she wanted to choose Ninjutsu as one of her specialities because she was especially good at that.

A strange happening that surprised her and her parents was the fact that she had Medical Jutsu enhanced blood. She was given the test of using a basic jutsu in order to keep a cold from spreading inside of her body at this young age, and managed to do it pretty easily. So that was another specialty that she had discovered and would use when she left the Academy.

At the age of 10, she now had a younger brother as well as Haranami who was called Etsuko.

When she turned 12, she decided that she was ready for the exam at last. She entered herself for it, and hoped for the best as she turned up to show what she could do. She had to perform a bunshin jutsu in order for the Ninjutsu aspect to be good, and then take a written exam afterwards. Her bunshin went well, and she created a perfect clone of herself that didn't mess up once. Of course, she couldn't get to happy with herself since she had to pass the written test next. Thankfully, it was all the things that she was strong at remembering and stuff she had crammed for, so it was easy. Amiya could now call herself a Genin.

Genin Arc
As a Genin Amiya was very good. She was determined on missions, and kind towards her team mates, never sharp or annoyed with them. If she was, she would say politely. After all, she was in a team to improve and gain skills, no to make enemies. Her team soon became an inseperable part of her life as she grew used to them and they grew used to her. They started to hang around when they didn't have missions to do, go out to eat or walk through the park.

Amiya loved everything about being a shinobi, but hadn't yet seen all the bad things that came with it, and wouldn't do for a while. By the time she was 13, she was very well practised in her Raiton jutsu and loved to train, whereas others may have found it a burden.

The next very important part of her life was when she turned 14, and she was sent a letter about the Chuunin exams, and that she had been entered for them. She didn't know anything about it at all, apart from what the letter told her which was there was a written exam, a forest exam and a tournament. Her training doubled in intensity and she started to cram in order to be ready for this.

The first day came, and she was prepared for the very worst of a test. It proved to live up to it's expectations, no, more than that. It completely out did it's reputation for Amiya who wasn't that bright with written work. Then, she went in blind just like the rest, to the next part of the exam, which was the Forest Exam.

Because Konoha had a lot of woodland to it's disposal, this exam has been popular to do. Amiya found herself called to a small clearing of which all the other candidates had. The examiner explained the rules to them, which were pretty simple. They were all split into teams, and one team was given the scroll of heaven and the other the scroll of earth. Further on through the gaggle of dark trees was a large tower, they were told. The team to have both scrolls and get to the tower would move on to the next exam. Amiya's team was a good mixture of skills, that and she got on well with all the people in it. She found this a lot easier than the written exam, since 'team-work' was one of the immediate words in her vocabulary. They had the scroll of earth to start off with, so they were chasing the scroll of heaven. Since Amiya was better at offensive attacks than defensive, she was designated the person to chase down the scroll along with another girl. Their chase lasted a very long time, and it seemed to drag on. The shadows of the trees gave them no indication what time of day it was or anything. They were completely in the dark, reasonably literally. At long last they both found the person with the scroll, who was very strong in earth style jutsu, giving them an advantage with defence. However, Amiya's lightning jutsu did well against it, and her and her team mate collected the scroll. They found their their other team mate and then went to the tower, thus getting through into the tournament.

The Tournament Exam was something that Amiya seemed to be destined to do well. She was a very good strategic thinker, and a very strong fighter. Plus, she didn't have to worry about hurting any team mates, so she could go all out against her opponent. Her first opponent was a water jutsu user, so this fight was rather easy. One thing that did trip Amiya up a little bit was the Genjutsu that this opponent could use. She still won, and gained some experience that told her not to look into the eyes of a Genjutsu user. Of course... she'd have to some time in order to tell. Her next opponent was one that she found harder, a Taijutsu user. Her worst fears had become true, she was stood facing a Taijutsu user, a strong one if that. This fight was the longest by far out of her three, and she tired rather quickly. So, in order to make up for lack of chakra she decided to play it clever and use her long ranged Ninjutsu that didn't use as much of her chakra and just tire out her enemy. Finally, she managed to get up at the end of her fight whereas her opponent stayed down. Her final fight had to be done on the day after due to how tired she was, but it came around quick enough. This time, she was against a fellow Ninjutsu user. The fight lasted a long time, not as long as her second, however. This time she used close ranged jutsu because her opponent wasn't good in close ranged combat or blocking. She was always good at exploiting her opponent's weaknesses, even small ones, to make the fight turn out in her favour.

After the very long days that the exam went on for, Amiya came out a Chuunin at long last. She could walk with her head held high, but only when she had a solid day of rest to regain her strength.

Chuunin Arc
Being a Chuunin delighted Amiya, and this was because she was finally able to use some Medical Ninjutsu. Since not many other people in her village were able to use this skill, she was a very valuable asset to the Hospital. She would do some training in the morning, and after this was finished she would go to the Konoha Hospital, helping out with immediate cases. Her skills were still rather shaky, but as she practised more and more, the better she got dealing with bad cases.

On top of all this she still went out with her team to train and eat occasionally, as well as go on missions with them. As as a result, she was barely home at all to help with her siblings, but somehow she would always find time on a Saturday to take them to the park. This was her time to unwind, as well as her brothers and sisters. She would stay back from them while they had a good time around her, but would always get sucked into going on the swings with one of her sisters. The youngest was only 4 years old, but she was rather independent for her age. They would stay at the park all day, and then come home when the sun started to set. It meant a whole day of training was wasted for Amiya, but in all honesty she didn't mind.

Being a Chuunin meant more responsibility around the village, which she actually seemed to enjoy. While others would moan when they were chosen to patrol the area, Amiya would be greatly excited and do a thorough job of it. This was why she was mostly picked to patrol Konoha. Not only was she friendly towards other villagers, she was a good fighter so things were extremely safe in her hands.

When Amiya turned 16, she received a letter asking her if she would care to go for the rank of Jounin. At first she couldn't believe that it was happening, continuously pinching herself to make sure she wasn't dreaming. Then, it became very clear to her that she wasn't dreaming. It was all very, very real. Needless to say, she had herself enrolled into the exam faster than any other person asked. She was told at the Administration building that the exam had a written and a skill based exam. Those were things that she could deal with, she thought to herself.

So, before the first day of the exam Amiya crammed as much information as she possibly could into her head, desperately trying to remember all of it. This time the things she had to remember was about teams. For example, what would you do if your team had separated? Questions like that cropped up on the paper, but Amiya was none the wiser, and thus she revised everything she had ever learnt.

At long last the exam arrived on the date 23rd of September. It was cold, with a gale blowing outside and howling around the hall of which they would be taking the written exam. The sounds were blocked out by Amiya as unimportant, despite how distracting they were. The exam was harder than her Chuunin exam paper, and she barely scraped through that one. The examiner collected all the papers, and then the candidates were ushered through into the skill hall, where they would show their abilities. Usually, this exam was to be taken outside, but since the weather was terrible and unpredictable, inside would have to do.

Amiya had already decided that she would show her abilities of Ninjutsu and control over two elements, good skills that would hopefully be admired by the three ANBU sat behind a large desk. All eyes were focused on her as she stepped forward. In her head, she was cursing her first name beginning with the letter A. But, she had to stay focused. The minute she lost sight of what she wanted to achieve was when she would fail at what she wanted to do. So, she used her most favoured and impressive jutsu to impress the examiners, before being told to walk into the waiting room and wait for the verdict. For what seemed like an age, Amiya was sat on a bench, looking at the floor and hoping, praying that she would make it. At long last, one of the ANBU came through with a white paper stamped with a green mark.
"Congratulations, Amiya Chinatsu. You are now a Jounin of Konoha." Were the only words he spoke before leaving the young teenager with the paper.

Needless to say, Amiya was over the moon as she looked happily at the paper. It gave scores on her jutsu and written examination, which were both quite high, surprising her further.

Jounin Arc
Now that Amiya was a Jounin, a lot more things were done around Konoha. The hospital now had a doctor to their disposal, paperwork was getting done and three Genin had a team leader. With Amiya being one of the youngest Jounin in the village, it seemed strange why she got on so well with her team. She taught them all that she knew, shared her wisdom and battle tips, as well as taking them on missions.

Two years after this routine, Amiya was in the office taking care of some documents, and she over-heard a conversation between an ANBU member and the Hokage. They were talking about the Hokage retiring because he was apparently losing his eyesight and struggled to write out all the official documents. It was impossible to have a Kage who could barely see, so they said that a new Hokage had to be found. Because the current one didn't have any children, a completely new one would have to be picked.

Amiya started to think to herself that her dream was now within her sights. All she had to do was prove herself to be worthy, and do whatever she could to impress the ANBU and current Hokage. She almost doubled her work hour request, and was in the office as much as possible. As well as this she took care of her team, and did missions with them. The new talk of the village was how much stuff was being one recently. Everyone wondered who had been doing this, since they knew their leader was almost blind now. News never got out about Amiya pushing herself to do all the village's legal documents, but people started to have their suspicions that it was her. The main tell tale sign was that she didn't go down to the park with her brothers and sisters any more, which she always tried to do.

The ANBU held a formal meeting with the Hokage, and started to discuss their candidates for the job. Many well respected ninja were mentioned, as well as some ANBU members. But, the thing that surprised everyone there was a scroll from the village talking about what Amiya had been doing for the past months. After a long, and rather heated discussion, they decided to give Amiya a trial run a Hokage. If she did well, then she would be made permanent leader of Konoha.

Amiya was absolutely astounded to say the least when she was chosen on trial to be the Hokage for a day while the current Kage went over to Suna for a vacation. All she could keep saying was;
"What? You mean me?" Every time the ANBU would nod their heads, and she was lead to the office of which she would spend her day. Amiya of course took this extremely seriously, and worked as hard as possible, doing what she had been for the past few months but on a larger scale. Missions had to be filed and created, problems were to be sorted out between other smaller countries. And she dealt with this all in a completely professional manner.

It was past midnight when Amiya locked up the office like she had been told, and left the keys on the wall beside her. Large, dark circles framed her glowing eyes and her hair was tousled and messy. She had done all she could, and now could only wait for the news.

At last, the next day came, and Amiya was awoken by loud knocking on her door asking her to open up. She stumbled blindly down the stairs, and did as she was asked, looking bleary eyed at the many ANBU gathered under her porch. They handed her a green scroll, and began to walk off. All they could then hear, was the happy and excited screaming of the young woman behind them.
"I think we made the right decision." One said to all the rest with a grin on his face.

Hokage Arc~ Current
Ever since that fateful day, Amiya had ruled over Konoha with a gentle iron fist, this meaning that she ran it strongly and yet with a lot of respect for all the villagers and ninja that made up the village. Along with this she had also married to the ANBU captain. She was always taught her clan's traditions when she was younger, and thus she went down to the Village Forge and made a marriage crystal. However, she didn't put her Glowing Phoenix soul inside of the crystal like she had been told, since she still felt that she needed that to her disposal. Instead she inscribed it with the names of her and her husband, Jasui, and vowed never to break the fragile work of art like her parents did in order for them to be thrown out of Kumogakure. Things were going more than extremely well now, and she couldn't help but thank the lord that the old Hokage had lost his eyesight, as spiteful as that sounded.
[Sorry for the short arc, most things were explained in the one before this]

Rp Sample:
Rain pounded down to the already damp ground in sheets of glass, each one seeming to break and shatter as it hit the floor and buildings. Amongst this very heavy rainfall was the slight frame of a small teenager, leading two young children along. The older girl looked up occasionally, her white-blond hair sticking to her pixie-like face. The only sounds that could be heard was the crashing of rain, bellowing of thunder and crackles of electricity as lightning painted the sky. The teenager was named Amiya Inibikari, and she was leading her yonger siblings to safety. She knew now what she intended to do with her very messed up life. Her heart told her what she was doing was wrong, but her shattered mind was screaming that it was the right thing to do.

Since the voice in her head was louder, she followed that one instead of her heart's pleas for the greater good. She held out her petite hand and knocked three times solidly on the door before waiting for no answer, just going straight inside the small house. Her youngest sibling who was only 5 years old whimpered, looking up at his older sister, his only person now for guidance.
"Amiya-hime... what's going on?" He asked in a quivering voice before being gently pushed into the living room of the home. The elder of the two blinked a few times, and started to shake slightly as she looked up at her sister also.
"Why are we here?" The younger girl asked, looking fiercely into Amiya's eyes.
"Because... you're going to be staying with Uncle for a while, ok?" The teen said tiredly, before giving each of her siblings a hug and pulling her black hood up over her face.

No further sounds of protest came from the two children as they watched their older sister leave them, and just sat down on the sofa behind them.
"She's going to come back, right?" The boy said in a very uncertain tone.
"... Of course she will..." His sister finally answered, not quite sure herself.

Amiya strode through the main street of Kiri, her hand clenching round her trusted sword that she had crafted for herself when she hit Jounin level. There was no one out at this time of night, and the raging thunder and lightning storm didn't help either.
"Hey, what's going on?" A very booming voice asked from behind her. "Do you have permission to be out this late at night, miss?" Amiya didn't turn round, she stayed facing away for now. 'Stupid fool... I was so close... now things have to get dirty...' She thought to herself before finally facing the man. He was someone she knew but couldn't place a name to.
"Oh, it's you, Amiya-chan." The man said, obviously relieved. Amiya, however, just flexed her sword and glared daggers at the man in front of her.
"Just Amiya... that's what I'm sick of... I'll never be 'just Amiya' any more!" She shouted, rage building through her as she held her sword out at arms length and charged her lightning chakra into the blade. Sparks started to fly off it in every direction, fizzling in the pouring rain.

"What the-" The man started to say, but by then Amiya was in front of him and ready to strike. She swung her sword round at such a speed and packed full with power that it was barely seen in the poor light from the semi-eclipsed moon. He gagged briefly, and slowly tumbled to the ground with surprise. He wasn't dead, yet. But he would soon bleed to death, that much was certain. Amiya heard a gong in the distance and took that as her signal to run. Run and never turn back.

(This sample is taken from another Naruto site. The character is also called Amiya but this sample doesn't relate to this character)

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I see nothing wrong with this, approved. Wink
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