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PostSubject: Taka, Iharunoku [WIP]   Taka, Iharunoku [WIP] EmptySat Apr 10, 2010 5:57 pm

Name: Taka, Iharunoku
Nickname: 'Thunder Runner'
Age: 20
Date of Birth: September 21st
Chinese Zodiac: Dragon
Gender: Male
Clan: Taka


Normal Form -
In Haru's normal form, he has ghost white hair what is oddly black in the back. He wears a jacket with white fur stripping and black pants as well.

Lightning Sage -
When Haru enters his Lightning Sage mode, the black part of his hair spreads to the rest of his hair, making it a dark black. Also, his normal jacket, is replaced with a thick armor which seems to be molecularly attached to his body seeing as if you try to remove it, you take him with it. Each shoulder sports a single spike, with three broken ones. Each broken spike might be symbolic of a power level hes broken, leaving two un-broken levels he has yet to attain.

Thunder Runner Form -
When Haru enters his Runner form, his hair turns ghost white once again and grows to a length of about half way down his back. His bodily features also take on the image of former Runners. For instance, his original gray eyes, turn a blood red with a scar going down his right. His former armor also changed. The spikes from the previous form are removed and replaced with plates, each plate representing another power level attained. On his right shoulder, six plates are easily noticeable, while on the other, only three are, however, three, un-broken spikes are seen on the armor down towards his right wrist. These spikes are most likely un-broken power levels that which, when broken, the spikes will disappear and a new plate will form on his left shoulder, adding up to another total of six plates. There are also two spikes sticking out of his left shoulder plates. These are not like the others, they are actually seals which hold his two swords.
Personality: Cocky and incompetent, Haru believes himself to be a kind of god, incapable of being defeated or killed for that matter. Believing that violence is the only way to get anything done, and done correctly, he cold heartedly kills anyone in his path. Anyone who dares oppose him, he strikes down in cold, heartless blood. In the false belief hes a god in human form, just before he kills anyone, he recites a sort of prayer.

"Può la I essere una protezione a quelle senza protezione,
capo di A per coloro che viaggia,
E una barca,
un ponticello, un passaggio
Per quelli che vogliono ulteriore puntello.

E fino ai passano a partire da dolore
Può la I essere la fonte di vita
Per tutti i regni degli esseri vari
Quella portata unto l'estremità di spazio.

Maggio la vostra resistenza, be è data me, quello fedele..."

(May I be a protector to those without protection,
A leader for those who journey,
And a boat, a bridge, a passage
For those desiring the further shore.

And until they pass away from pain
May I be the source of life
For all the realms of varied beings
That reach unto the ends of space.

May your strength, be given to me, faithful one...)

Clan Information

Clan Name: Taka
Kekkei Genkai: The Taka clan are all slender people. There havnt been any known members to be overweight. Members are born with any color hair but most are born with black. The clan prefers for all members to wear black but are not forced to. The clan is ruled by a master summoner that is capable of summoning the Falcon King. All members sign the Falcon scroll when they are younger but none are allowed to summon the Falcon King unless they are the Master Summoner. The King wouldnt even assist you if you did.

Members sign the contract when they are young maybe ages 8-10. All members have a different falcon. They first summon them when they are 11 or 12. In the years after that they bond and grow with each other.

Most people don’t know is that the anatomy of these people is much different than that of the most people. The entire bone structure, in a since, is HOLLOW, exactly like that of a birds. Most would think that this would be a disadvantage, and the reason is simple. If bones are hollow they are much easier to break. But the falcon clan's body again has a different body makeup. The chakra system is mostly centered around the human’s circulatory system, and there are in fact so close together that they are mostly one in the same. The falcon clan’s chakra system is focused around the SKELETAL system, and wraps around the bones to strengthen them. With this, there bones are just as strong as any other persons since chakra is CONSTANTLY flowing through them. And remember, birds have hollow bones to make them lighter, thus more agile and making it easier to fly. Of course humans cant fly, but with there hollow bones there are faster and more agile than your average human.
Not only that, but there bloodline trait helps them see with the eyes of a falcon...literally. There eyes will change to a unique color (The color differs from person to person, its unknown why) , with a slit going down the middle in a vertical direction and there vision is enhanced by 12 times. This helps the mind stay focused and see past deception this in turn uses chakra constantly, just as the Byakugan (did I spell that right?) or sharingan does. But they also have another function, just as the Sharingan, once their eyes have reached a certain point of experience, they are able to be used to predict someones movement.
Clan Symbol:
Taka, Iharunoku [WIP] Gradient_Star
Clan History: The Taka Clan has been housed amongst the mountains above Kumogakure for hundred's of years. The clan is actually getting so big the leader as well as the elders have been considering moving the village to unoccupied territory and setting up a Hidden Village of they're own. The clan has see many a power ninja come from they're midst, some even known to become Legendary nin who fought in the Great Ninja Wars.
Link: Taka Clan

Rank Information
Rank: S-Ranked Elite Jounin SS-Class Missing-Nin
Village: Kumogakure

Skill Information
Skill Speciality: [Natural TaiJutsu Master]
Main: NinJutsu
Sub: Medical
Elemental Affinity: Raiton & Katon
Special Characteristics: His bones are hollow which allows him to glide like a bird and move faster than a normal ninja. Some would think having hollow bones would be a weakness for a simple reason, hollow bones are easier to break. However, Haru's chakra system is not centered around his organs, instead, it is centered around his skeletal system, making his bones just as strong, if not stronger than that of normal ninja.

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Name: 'Lightning Sage'
Type: Sage
Rank: A/S
Element: Raiton
Description: In order to become a Lightning Sage, one must do 2 things. 1. Sign a contract with the Storm Sage's hidden deep within the mountains in the Lightning Country. 2. Complete the Sage training. Once the ninja's blood hits the contract, they will be instantly sent into shock. Upon falling to the ground, the Storm Sage's will carry your body into a sacred shine. Inside the shrine, they will place you in a dark room for your meditation. The only thing different about this meditation, is that it takes a year, and it is inside one's own mind. During this meditation, the original Lightning Sage will appear and begin teaching the ninja of the techniques and abilities. At the end of the training, the ninja will be required to defeat the Sage, using only the Sage abilities. If one fails to do this, the Sage will leave they're mind instantly, leaving the ninja within the dark corners of they're mind, doomed to wander the darkness until the end of time. If one does, however, succeed, the Sage will disappear and the ninja will awaken inside the shrine with full access to they're Sage powers and mode.

Name: 'Thunder Runner'
Type: Sage
Rank: S
Element: Raiton
Description: In order to learn this, the user must spend two years in solitude at the peak of the tallest mountain in the Lightning Country. Completing the training is not the difficult part, its getting to the summit that's the hard part. In order to even see the mountain in existence, one must be in they're Lightning Sage Mode. Then, one must reach the summit by defeating every task before them, using only they're sage abilities. If one fails to stay in sage mode the entire time, the mountain will disappear and the user will be in a continued fall for all eternity. Also, if one is defeated by a task before them, the user's sage powers and mode will be indefinably removed from they're bodies and never allowed to re-learn it. This is not a pleasant experience for one can die during this process. If one, however, does succeed, they are allowed to come to the top of the mountain where they meet the last living Thunder Runner. Every Thunder Runner, is forbidden to die until the next Lightning Sage is ready for the challenge. Sometimes, the last Runner, can be aged past 200 years. If one does make it to the top, the previous Runner will require them to do almost insignificant and menial tasks, like fetching food, water, or re-painting they're home. These tasks do nothing for the Runners actually training, other than teach them discipline. This discipline training continues for a whole year at minimum, sometimes longer if one does not learn. After learning discipline, the Runner will then begin to make them do more stressful tasks, like standing on the peak of the mountain by only using one foot, and the rest of they're body bound. The hard part about this task, is that the peak is only about two or three inches wide, if even that. So discipline and balance key's here. If one passes the tasks set before them, they will, once again, be challenged to battle the Runner. If they fail, they're sage powers will be forcibly removed, and they will be cast off the side of the mountain. If one does succeed, they previous Runner will most of the time, say they're farewells to life on earth, because they are to die once they've been defeated by a Sage. After admitting defeat, the Runner will place they're hand on the Sage's shoulder and they begin to materialize as they're powers and life force are drained out of them, being transferred to the Sage. This can be a very emotionally painful experience because they previous Runner, doesn't just die when the power is transferred, they are absorbed into the new Runner, so thus, all the power, abilities, memories, feelings, everything from all the previous Runners is morphed with the Sage's own. As the transfer happens, the new Runner, will have each memory of every past Runner play through they're mind, feelings of love, hate, sorrow, pain, all of it, is replayed inside they're minds. This sometimes leads to emotional breakdown's because it ends up being to much for them to handle, but its too late, once the transfer begins, it must be finished, whether they like it or not.


Name: Abyss
Appearance: [See the Thunder Runner Appearance.]
Rank: S
Special Abilities: Is able to summon an endless abyss where the only way to escape is for one person to defeat the other in combat. If someone is defeated there, they're body floats in the abyss for all time and the person is able to be seen the next time the Abyss is used.
Origin: Was used and forged by the first Thunder Runner. Being passed down through each Runner, they're are easily 500 years old in origin.

Name: Void
Appearance: [See the Thunder Runner Appearance.]
Rank: S
Special Abilities: Is able to summon a Void which is actually the meditation area for a Lightning Sage. The only way to escape is for one person to defeat the other in combat. If someone is defeated there, they're body floats in the abyss for all time and the person is able to be seen the next time the Void is used.
Origin: Was used and forged by the first Thunder Runner. Being passed down through each Runner, they're are easily 500 years old in origin.

History and Roleplay Sample



Where's Gondara?

Genin Arc
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