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 Vergil's Yamato

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Vergil yashou
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Vergil yashou

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PostSubject: Vergil's Yamato   Fri Apr 09, 2010 11:30 am

Name: Yamato
Rank: S
Special Abilities:
The sword Yamato Was made to be the fastest and most durable blade in the shinobi world. It is much lighter then your average katana and is also more durable. It also has the characteristic's of an O-katana wich are said to be the sharpest among the katana swords.
It is a sword crafted for swift assasination's, but is now used for one to one combat.
Because the sword is made out of a special material, it has the ability to channel chakra, though it works best with the Fuuton and Raiton element's; since these are best used for speed and cutting power.

A few hundred years ago, the sword yamato was made by the founder of Vergil's family.
His name was Atrum, also known as the "Severing wind".
He used the sword to guard his family and his estate from plundering bandit's and other filth of society.
When Atrum died, he told the family to give the sword to the most potent warrior of the family.
Through the years, alot of tests have been added to this rule in order to pick only the strongest of warrior's, thus potent enough to wield the sword.
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Vergil's Yamato
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