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 Buredo clan

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Vergil yashou
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PostSubject: Yashou clan   Fri Apr 09, 2010 10:56 am

Clan Name: Yashou
Kekkei Genkai:

Able bodied:
The people of this clan posess very acrobatic and well trained body's, wich are a result of hundred's of years of kenjutsu training by both men and women in the clan.
After their body's have been trained to the max, they start a different kind of training in order to gain their doujutsu power..
The family members dont have to finish some sort of rites to get their strong body, but they have their strong and elegant body's from birth till death. They do not gain in weight by eating too much, nor do they get fat because they have very fast digestion aswell.
They can perform maneuver's and technique's that would take a regular kenjutsu user years to master when they reach the age when most kid's would leave the academy.
To maintain these ability's, the children of the clan are having special training every day from the day they graduate the academy, till they reach their 20th birthday.
When they turn twenty years old, they will have one last test that will seal their fate as a great warrior, or as a weak dropout.
For the final test, they have to fight a veteran warrior to the death. Ironically, if the veteran that allready gained the status of a "Great warrior" loses/dies, they will be burnt and be spoken of as dirt, since they where killed by a youngling.

The difference of a Buredo clan member and a regular shinobi of thesame rank (if the user is jounin, the comparison matches another jounin) are the following,

C rank
Resilience: 7%
Reaction time: 10%
Speed(with swords): 15%

B rank
Resilience: 10%
Reaction time: 20%
Speed(with swords): 25%

A rank
Resilience: 15%
Reaction time: 35%
Speed(with swords): 35%
Speed(with swords at S rank): 45%

The speed only goes for swords since they practiced with swords for all of their live's. They do not have that speed in running/hand to hand/other weaponry. This is because the clan only produces the fastest, precise and controlled swordsmen. At S-rank, only a jounin level shinobi can see the strikes, or hope to parry them.

Secret Clan Jutsu:

Name: Kanetsugan
The Kanetsugan is the special Doujutsu the clan has developed over their many years of existance.
Every member of the clan is born with the Kanetsugan because it is not hard to master and is very minor when compared to the sharingan, rinnegan or byakugan.
The Kanetsugan has the ability to see heat.

Doujutsu technique's:

Name: Netsushi [Thermal Vision]
Type: Doujutsu
Element: None
Description: By completing hand seals and focusing chakra to their eyes, the user's sight is changed so that they can see temperatures of objects as colors rather than their normal eyesight. With hot objects producing a red color and cold objects producing a blue color.
though it can only be used inside buildings, caves or at night, because if used in broad daylight the eyes will be affected by too much light, blinding the user.

Name: Jabun Genzou [Night vision]
Type: Doujutsu
Element: none
By completing hand seals and focusing chakra to their eyes, the user's sight is changed so that they can see at night as if it where day.
This is perfect for assasinations at night, or finding something in the middle of the night.
Though the Netsushi technique is more advanced in finding living targets and better for combat, the Jabun Genzou is better for vinding your way at night.

Clan Style/Secret style jutsu:

Style Name: Kiritateru
Style Type: Kenjutsu
Rank: S
Style Weapon: Yamato
The Kiritateru is a style made by Vergil's grandfather. The style can only be used by the one wielding the Yamato.
The kiritateru is bound to Vergil's family, and only they can use this style.
Kiritateru is basically a way to use the Yamato in a way to quickly disarm or decapicate an enemy.
It uses the wind element to attack from both mid and close range.
The techniques rely on one's kenjutsu and Iaidō skills.
At close combat, it uses Iaidō to quickly carve open ones body by unsheathing and resheathing the blade at high speed.
At range, it will use the secret technique named after the creation of heaven and earth, symbolizing it's power.
To learn this style, one had to prove himself first.
They had to survive in a closed of cave with no food or water and meditate for two weeks, followed by sitting still on a rock hangong over a ravine for 3 days straight, meaning no sleep or sudden movements, cause they would result in certain death.
These are used to give one a calm mind and deadly precision.
Then, one would have to fight have to fight the current leader of the family in order to claim the Yamato and clear the final test.
One would then become a master of kiritateru, be the wielder of the Yamato and be the next leader of the family.

Origin/History: The style was created by Vergil's grandfather Genshin, the son of Atrum. The style was made to signify the one who was in charge of the family, and to protect it.

Style Secret Techniques:
Name: tenchikaibyaku
Type: Kenjutsu/Ninjutsu
Rank: S
Element: Fuuton [wind]
Using his Wind nature, Vergil will create a blade of wind which he can launch towards his opponent. Vergil does this by channeling wind natured chakra to his sword and making a slashing move with it [Upward, downward, from the side]. The wind blade moves so incredibly fast that only the trained eye of a jounin [or higher] can see/dodge it.
Unlike a real sword which can face resistance, the wind blade will be able to slice with little difficulty.
This attack can easily shoot right through buildings and rocks.
this is the ultimate offensive attack of the kiritateru style, it's S ranked because of it's great speed that gives even a jounin trouble to dodge or even see.
The windblade can shoot 50 to 75 meter's forward before disolving into the air.
It places alot of strains on the arms and a little on the brain.

Name: Zensokuryoku
Rank: S
Type: Kenjutsu/ninjutsu
Element: Style/Raiton
This is a defensive technique that can be learned when one master's both kiritateru and Iaido.
Using a great sense of timing, the ninja will quickly spin his sword in his hand, giving it a windmill like look. He will then infuse it with the Raiton element to use the sword as an effective anti-Raiton shield.
It can succesfully parry/counter Raiton attacks of similar strength or lower then this technique.
It can also be used to block kunai, senbon and shuriken.

Name: Senninriki
Rank: A
Type: Kenjutsu/ninjutsu
Element: Style/Raiton
This technique utilizes the kiritateru style and the Raiton element to make it sharper.
Using high speed Unsheathing, cutting two times and re-sheathing the sword, the user will create an attack that is almost to fast to follow by the naked eye.
It can also be used to quickly carve up one that is standing within a 1,50 meter radius, or slice through wall's of stone or wood. When one is hit and not killed by the deep cuts, they will rapidly be drained of their body fluid's. Also the bodypart's hit will be numbened, making it hard for one to escape/fight back.
Only the trained eye of a jounin can see that the user is actually quickly slicing and spinning it's sword, but even a jounin will have a very hard time dodging this when inside the radius.
It's S ranked because of it's great speed that gives even a jounin trouble to dodge or even see the attack.

All member's of the clan have to learn the following two styles of kenjutsu before they can learn the kiritateru style, since these contain the basics for the kiritateru. Those that dont posess it, can not learn kiritateru or it's moves.
These styles are,

Name: Iaidō
Type: Kenjutsu
Rank: A
Element: -
Iaidō (居合道?) is a Japanese martial art associated with the smooth, controlled movements of drawing the sword from its scabbard, striking or cutting an opponent, removing blood from the blade, and then replacing the sword in the scabbard.

Name: Iaijutsu
Type: Kenjutsu
Rank: A
Element: -
Iaijutsu (居合術?), often translated roughly as the "art of mental presence and immediate reaction", is the Japanese martial art of drawing the sword. At least one author makes the distinction that, strictly speaking, iaijutsu consists exclusively of the portion of combat where the sword is drawn, and that any further techniques are technically classified as kenjutsu.

Clan symbol:

The Buredo clans symbol is the wolf, their color's are white and red.
Swift, agile and a natural hunter both during the day and at night, the wolf fits them perfectly.

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Buredo clan
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