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 The Rules...

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PostSubject: The Rules...   Thu Apr 08, 2010 9:17 pm

Everyone needs them; Everyone has to have them; Everyone must abide by them; Does everyone like them? No.

Staff members reserve the right to punish as they see fit for any of the following:

1. Do not ask to be a staff member.
2. Flaming is not tolerated.
3. Spam is not tolerated. That is why we have a spam section.
4. Godmodding is not tolerated.
5. Metagaming is not tolerated.
6. Explicit Material is not permissible. Please Fade To Black and Continue in Private.

Please adhere to these rules when creating a character:

1. As the Manga is set in a Japanese based setting, names must be Japanese.

2. You have seven days to finish a profile from the original post. After seven days, incomplete profiles are deleted. After two weeks, your account will also be deleted.

3. Members cannot RP without an Accepted Profile. Once a profile is moved to the Accepted Profiles Section, then you can begin.

4. Unique Canon Jutsu belong to that canon ONLY. It can only be learned through in character means.

5. Custom characters cannot have any interaction with Canon characters in their history. This includes (but is not limited to) Relatives, Significant Others, and Children.

6. No applying for dead canon characters. Dead Clan's will only be accepted through a very intricate history and reason they still exist.

7. Kage cannot be registered without Staff Approval.

8. There is no limit on how many characters you can create.
Multiple Character Policy:
You may use 1 Account to Control All Characters.
Please Provide A Character List
No using characters to aide others
Sharing Information
Aiding in Battle
Killing One to Level Up Another
Sharing Techniques**

**Sharing Techniques will be allowed within reason at the discretion of the staff

9. In order to properly fill out a Character Application to begin RPing, you need to read the rules.

10. Do not ask for your profile to be checked. We'll get to them eventually.

11. Anyone who leaves a comment on an app saying "I asked Kei and Amy about [Insert item here.] and they said it was fine." Will have they're app denied and required to make a new one. Lately, that has become the case and people are getting away with things like that without the entire staff's consent, so thus, from now on, all apps must be checked by all admins for them to be accepted. End of story, no if's and's or but's.

12. In order to have your profile accepted, you will need to meet one or more of these qualifications.
~Head-Admin/Webmaster = Instant Acceptance
~2 or more Admins.
~3 or more Moderators.
If only one Admin say's your accepted, and its not the Head-Admin, then you can not begin RP'ing until a second accepts it.
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Vergil yashou
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Vergil yashou

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PostSubject: Re: The Rules...   Tue Apr 13, 2010 3:34 pm

Maybe make some In character/fighting rules, if you want to add some of these that would be cool.
if not, just remove my post Razz
Most of these are common knowledge, though most people neglect it and think they can teleport >.>

In character/fighting topic rules!

1. Dont get into more then two topics at once [in character]
2. When you leave your village to go to a completely different country, post a leaving topic with travelling topic included.
[this is so people arent like, (iwa will attack suna), one minute later (iwa is at the gates of suna) it is very anoying]
3. the travelling topic has to be atleast 200-300 words.
[so you can say that you left the gates a day ago, and say you can see the the next country]
4. Try and make your in character posts as long as possible, try to show your characters emotions and thoughts.
[this will give the other Rp-er an idea of what yours is going through]

And the one's stated above,
5. No Godmodding
6. No metagaming

Its important to follow these, because they give a more realistic idea of roleplaying.
It is also more fun, because you can talk about what you encountered and that stuff in a traveling topic.
It is also more fun to travel with someone else, so it becomes a real interaction.
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Vergil yashou
Site Contributor
Vergil yashou

Posts : 93
Join date : 2010-04-07
Age : 26

PostSubject: Re: The Rules...   Wed Apr 14, 2010 11:33 am

Once again, you can delete these if you dont like them, or keep em Razz

Mission rules

1. About one mission a week.
2. one mission at a time.
3. make your topic atleast 500 words or higher in order to make it seem like a mission if its a retrieval one, so it wont look like another meaningless topic.
Though if you are A ranked and doing a C ranked mission, it can be shorter unless you want to make a long one
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PostSubject: Re: The Rules...   

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The Rules...
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