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 My puppets for now...(WiP)

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PostSubject: My puppets for now...(WiP)   Thu Apr 08, 2010 3:10 pm

Extra info IMPORTANT!!!
When a puppte uses jutsu it doesn't waste the users chakra instead it uses a thing called 'charges' like we humans use chakra only when i use puppet jutsu with A puppet they take no chakra only 'charges'. these charges are obtained when Zetsumei hits an opponent. Zetsumei goes into each topic starting with 5 charges.
What charges make each rank:

Name:Zetsumei x3 (on him at a time)
Rank: S
Devices:the puppet is an ordinary puppet filled with poison and explosives. The puppet also has swords inside of it. It can't use any of this but when it explodes its all released. (explodes when Ranmaru makes a special sign). Exploding takes 5 charges as the explosion is a 10 meter diameter and the poison then makes it 20 meter diameter. The poison is a smog like form
What happens when in the smog (I am immune to this)
1 post-Irritation all over the body.
2 posts-pain around the arms
3 posts-pain in the legs
4 posts-pain in the back and eyes
5 posts-goes partially blind
6 posts-uncontrollable pain with blindness for 4 posts

Weapons: none that it can use...
Primary Use: Offensive
Origin: This puppet was made by Ranmaru upon entering the akatsuki so that he could fight with several weapons at a time.

Name:Itonami x 3
Devices: This puppet can transform into a shield capable of taking one S-rank attack. 3 A-rank 4 B-rank and 5 C-rank with an infinate amount of D-ranks before cracking. The Domes are 5ft radius
Primary Use: Defensive
Origin: This was made after Ranmaru could find no qualified specializing in defense for the akatsuki

Name: Makai x 3
Rank: S
Devices: He has a number of healing remedies equiped all around his body. He is used as an outer layer at times for some protection and helping cure his injuries. So he doesn't have to show his true form.it can stop an A rank before completely being destroyed.
Weapons: None
Primary Use: Support
Origin: This was Ranmaru's only puppet until joining the akatsuki for with his jutsu and this puppet it was extremely hard to defeat Ranmaru and as such he never made anymore until joining the akatsuki.

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Posts : 17
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PostSubject: Re: My puppets for now...(WiP)   Sat Apr 10, 2010 10:52 am

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My puppets for now...(WiP)
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