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 Saito Asuhara [Sanin Application - WIP]

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PostSubject: Saito Asuhara [Sanin Application - WIP]   Saito Asuhara [Sanin Application - WIP] EmptyWed Apr 07, 2010 4:45 am

Name: Saito Asuhara
Nickname(s): Kitsune/Konoha no Kougi - The Leaf’s Justice
Age: 29
Date of Birth: August 31st
Chinese Zodiac: Goat
Gender: Male
Clan: The Asuhara Clan


Saito Asuhara [Sanin Application - WIP] Self_n11

Saito is about 5 feet 8 and a half inches tall and weights a good 165 pounds. He has a lighter skin tone, with dark brown eyes and brown, spiked back hair, with long sideburns. He also wears a blue headband style bandana with one part of his bangs hanging out of the front. He is also wearing a pair of slightly rounded glasses. He also uses a slight amount of chakra to hold them to his face so they don’t come off during battle. This would be bad due to his nearsightedness.

He is wearing a green chunin vest and grey nin-pants. He has a shuriken holster on his right side along with an equipment pouch that is hidden by a blue cloth that resembles the bottom of a cloak that on the bottom is lined with red triangles. He is also wearing a black shirt with one sleeve which has the red whirlpool insignia on it, black nin-gloves which are tipless and black Nin shoes. He also has a D-Ranked Katana strapped to his back belt loop. Both his Katana and Bandana have red strips of cloth hanging off the ends of them. He also has an ANBU Tattoo on his arm that also serves as a chakra storage area.

Personality: Saito is shy at first, but when you get to know him better he opens up, and becomes quite talkative. He lacks self-confidence and self-esteem and puts himself down which may be due to him not being able to protect his teammates earlier in his life. He also wears a mask of indifference or laughter in situations that make him uncomfortable, nervous, or are offensive. Above all his is a loyal, caring friend and is very trustworthy. He will help out any friend of his to succeed. He is very faithful and prays a lot mentally to get through tough times of his life. He is also more conservative and careful of how he says or states things. He also has great leadership ability and the tongue of a politician. He is a master manipulator of words and a good debater. He is very good at reading people. He is able to direct shinobi masterfully on a battlefield. He is also very patriotic about Konohagakure and the Fire Country and is a strong believer in 'The Will of Fire'. He loves Sushi, Lo Mein, Steak, and Miso Soup. He absolutely hates steamed vegetables and Pecan Pie.

Clan Information

Clan Name: The Asuhara Clan
Kekkei Genkai: The Asuhara Clan is a chakra sensatory clan. Using the Chakra Omoigan – Chakra Mind Eye They can sense chakra sources, the type of chakra being used (i.e. Demonic, Healing, Normal, ect…), and how powerful the chakra is. It has been said even when sleeping an Asuhara knows you’re there. (Like Ranmaru's Dojutsu)
Clan Symbol:
The Asuhara Clan Symbol is that of the White Eye of their Kekkei Genkai revealing all in light (Why the white circle is surrounded by rays of light) but yet it is restricted to certain distances.
Saito Asuhara [Sanin Application - WIP] Kkk12

Clan History:

Origins: The Asuhara Clan originated in Taki no Kuni (The Land of the Waterfall) where they would be hired by Takigakure no Sato to do their dirty work. Nothing is known about the clan history since the destruction of the Archives during the Great War. All that is known is that the clan was started by Raiden Choroku. He was also the original signer of the contract of the foxes.

Move to Konohagakure no Sato: The centuries of cooperation with this great power was diminished during the Great Shinobi War. The Asuhara Clan was on the front lines, along with their clan headquarters. When the clan asked for assistance from Takigakure, they got a response stating they were too stretched thin. After losing many members, the majority of the remainder of the clan moved from Takigakure to Konohagakure where they hoped for protection and reconstruction. They were welcomed with open arms by the Hokage and have been in Konoha ever since.

Name Change: With the mantle of the Clan being changed to that of the Sanin Member of the clan who’s surname is Asuhara, the clan changed from its original Choroku to the current name.

Current Affairs: The Asuhara Clan has been used as guards, scouts, and trackers due to their sensory abilities and summoning abilities. They are said to rival the Inuzuka Clan.

The Head of the Clan: Saito Asuhara
High Counsel: Bento Choroku
- Made up of any living former Clan Heads if they are not missing-nin

Link: The Asuhara Clan

Rank Information
Rank: Sanin
Village: Konohagakure no Sato

Skill Information
Skill Specialty:
Main: Ninjutsu
Sub: Medical Ninjutsu
Elemental Affinity: Suiton and Doton
Special Characteristics:

Silver Tongue – the character has a trait where their personality is characterized by a personal charm and magnetism, along with innate and powerfully sophisticated abilities of interpersonal communication and persuasion. Their personal being, rather than just speech or logic alone, is enough to interface with other human beings in a personal and direct manner, and effectively communicate an argument or concept to them.

Ambidextrous - the character is equally adept at using either hand. Although ambidexterity is rare at birth, it can be learned. Most duelists spend their whole lives refining this talent.

Faith -The character has a deep and abiding faith to sustain him. It Does not matter what this faith is in - religious faith is common, but faith in a personal destiny or in the greatness of Japan, for example, will serve just as well.

Lie Detector- the Character has an ability to read opponents, habits, quirks and other things will point the character out as a liar. This is useful in and out of battle, though it will sometimes drive men or women insane hearing their sweethearts lie to their faces.

Nearsighted- those with nearsightedness see near objects clearly but far away objects appear blurred.


Academy Techniques:


D-Rank Ninjutsu:


C-Rank Ninjutsu:


B-Rank Ninjutsu:


A-Rank Ninjutsu:


S-Rank Ninjutsu:


Medical Ninjutsu:


ANBU Techniques:


Secret Clan Jutsu:



Name: Katana
Appearance: It is a standard Katana with a red wrapped grip and two strips of cloths hanging off of it. (Shown on back on appearance pic)
Rank: D-Rank
Special Abilities: It is a standard steel katana given to ANBU Members.
Origin: When Saito joined ANBU he received this katana.

Name: Paralysis Poison
Appearance: This poison is kept in a small corked test tube and is clear in color with no taste or smell making it a good way how to paralyze the person without them knowing.
Rank: B-Rank
Special Abilities: It will paralyze an opponent for 4 posts.
Origin: When Saito went on his first training expedition he learned this poison from a scroll hidden in the dunes of Kaze no Kuni (The Wind Country).

Name: Advanced Poison of Kusagakure
Appearance: This poison is kept in a small corked test tube and is a white powder with no taste or smell that dissolves in less than a millisecond. This makes it easy to poison people due to its nature.
Rank: A-Rank
Special Abilities: This poison will kill the inflicted in 5 posts if not treated. The inflicted will start feeling the affects after 3 posts.
Origin: When Saito went on his second training expedition he was taught this poison from the owner of a Tea Shop in the River Country. She used to be the poison expert for Kusagakure before she grew tired of war and fled the country. She wanted to pass down her knowledge before her soon to come death. She was suffering from a tumor that was choking off the aorta's blood supply out of her heart.

Name: ANBU Mask

Saito Asuhara [Sanin Application - WIP] Japane10

It is a white mask with black designs to look as if one has the face of a fox.

Rank: D-Rank
Special Abilities: It is good for anonymity... unless you're famous for it.
Origin: Saito received this mask when he became an ANBU Member.

Name: Lighter

Saito Asuhara [Sanin Application - WIP] Lighte10

It is a square metal lighter with a engraving of a longhorn skull and rope.

Rank: D-Rank
Special Abilities: It makes fire.
Origin: This lighter Saito got while he was in Suna.

Weapon and Locations

Weapons Pouches (Has 2 on both sides):
Kunai – 14x
Senbon – 30x
Kunai w/ Exploding Tags Attached – 4x
Exploding Tags: 10x
Bingo Book: 1x

Chunin Vest:
Paralysis Poison – 2x
Advanced Poison – 2x
Soldier Pill – 4x
Blood Replenishing Pill – 2x

Shuriken Holster:
Shuriken – 20x

History and Roleplay Sample

The War Begins – Pre Academy Arc (0-9):
Saito was only two when his great grandfather died. His first memory is his funeral where everyone was gathered at his funeral, cursing the name Iwagakure. He did not understand but he know's now. This act against one of the most promenade clans of Taki no Kuni (The Land of Waterfall) would lead to their involvement in the Kumora War which was between the Kumora Clan of Iwa no Kuni (The Land of Earth) and The Choroku Clan of Taki no Kuni (The Land of Waterfall). Unfortunately, since the former Clan Headquarters was on the border they were attacked frequently. This is where Saito's education in the Ninja Arts began. At six years old he was taught the values and ways of shinobi by his father, politics and legal rhetoric by his grandfather, and general education by his mother. Saito was on the role to become something great. He was sent to Takigakure to join the academy.

Academy Arc (9-12):
The Academy was boring for Saito. The menial jutsu was annoying and he felt as if nothing really was that interesting. He had only one problem, he was too nice to do anything about it. Instead he helped out two strugglers in the class, Umira Tanaka and Poji Udan. Umira was an obvious Genjutsu Type but had little chakra to go along with it and Poji had a lot of chakra but no control. Saito helped these two out by training with both and they became pretty formidable. The years passed rather quickly the dreaded Genin test came to pass. Saito and his friends passed and ended up being on a team together under Tami Surumi.

Genin Arc (12-13):
Tami gave us our Genin test, which was to try and take back our forehead protectors from him. He was guarding a small shed with all three inside. Luckily with some good distraction from both Saito and Poji, Umira under a genjutsu was able to sneak in and take them all. We than started our routine of menial missions. We trained hard. Tami-sensei took a high interest in him because he was a water elemental like him and taught Saito a lot of C-Rank Water Elemental Ninjutsu. Due to lines being stretched thin back at the Clan Headquaters he was called back to tighten the defenses. He left his team and later learned they died in a raid of Takigakure. He has felt as if he could have protected them to this day if he was there. This is where his confidence sunk to basically nil in his abilities but he has improved on this since then.

Exodus from Taki no Kuni [The Waterfall Country] (13):
When Saito arrived back at the Clan Headquaters it was under heavy siege and had to fight his way in. It is surprising that he made it in considering the high powered ninja that were surrounding the Clan Grounds. All our clan did was barricade themselves in. That is where Saito signed the contract of the foxes and summoned Ginkaze, an red fox with Fire and Earth Elements. It was decided that our Clan Leader, Marigarika Choroku, Saito's great-grandmother would sacrifice herself in her ill health and at 93 to fend off the enemy ninja while we escaped. Saito made it out successfully but he lost his leader, his home, and his pride. The new leader was Saito's grandfather, Bento Choroku, who decided that the clan would move to Konohagakure no Sato.

Konohagakure Assimilation (14):
When we arrived in Konoha we were greeted warmly by an aging Hokage. He was very polite and gave us land in the clan district to start building our new compound. Unfortunately, being the new kids on the block, more well-established clans harassed us. This is where Saito began going to the council chamber with his grandfather to argue for our rights. It was an interesting time for Saito because he found debating key issues his forte. He'd actually step in for his grandfather sometimes and "school" the older, more experienced politicians. It was an exciting time for Saito, but that is when he decided to enter the Chunin Exams with a random team,no better way how to get better than to put yourself in a awkward situation.

Chunin Exams (14-15):
The Chunin Exams was an interesting time for Saito. He passed the written exam with ease. Even if the proctor hadn't pulled that trick at the end he knew he got the majority of the questions right. He was happy that he spent his night in the library, cramming up on knowledge on how past exams were run. Then came the dreaded 'Forest of Death' where surprisingly this year that the examinees were separated into individuals. Saito decided at that point to join in a team of three with two other applicants, it was the only way how this would work. He did and got through the 'Forest of Death'. He got through the preliminary round by defeating an arrogant Main Branch Hyuga. During the training period he brushed up on a few more techniques, then went onto the finals. He lost his semi-final match cause fighting an electric affinity isn't really his forte. He still passed to be a Chunin through his leadership skill in setting up a team.

Training Arc (15-16):
Saito, after receiving his Chunin Appointment, decided that he needed time to train out in the world. So he asked permission from the Hokage and he went out into the world and trained. He spent time in Takigakure and learned some new B-Ranked Water Techniques and then headed toward Sunagakure to pick up on some Earth Techniques they use to guard the entrance of their city. On the way a massive sand storm picked up and he hid in a cavern he saw by the way side. What he discovered there peeked his interest. It was apparently an old medical station set up by Suna in the Second Great Shinobi War. This is where he felt his calling to be a medical ninja. While their he discovered how to make a potent paralysis poison. He decided afterwards he was going to head back to Konoha to start his medical ninja training. The sandstorm then cleared up and he moved on to Sunagakure to learn their Earth Style ninjutsu. He then headed back towards Konoha to start his medical ninjutsu training.

Medical Ninjutsu Training - Part 1 (16-17):
After feeling his calling to the medical profession in the desert, he went back to Konoha to start his training in the Hospital. It was long, arduous training by his sensei's in the Hospital but it was worth it. He became a pretty darn good medical ninja during this time and started working towards greater heights. He took on a few high class missions, improving on his skills and eventually got called into the Hokage's office. He was given a promotion. He was now a Jounin.

Jounin Arc (17-18):
As a Jounin, Saito took on a squad. They were Sakura Hideyoshi, Kentaro Oozumo, and Yanoichi Yamanaka. Sakura was definately a Taijutsu/Kenjutsu Type for she weilded a Wakizashi with ease. Kentaro was a Ninjutsu/Fuuinjutsu Type, and Yanoichi was a Ninjutsu/Genjutsu type. He found teaching to be an enjoyable lifestyle for him but unfortunately it was too good to be true. He was on a simple C-Ranked Mission to survail a Bandit Group. Unfortunately, unknown to even the Hokage, an S-Ranked Missing-Nin was leading the group named Momoe Kyuka. She was a ruthless killer. While she had Saito distracted, her bandit warriors, some missing B-Ranked Ninjas, killed off his team easily. He had to retreat after that, and retreived their broken bodies after they moved camp. He returned to the Hokage with a somber face and decided to give up on teaching Genin and go back to his medical profession to save as many lives as possible.

Medial Ninjutsu Training - Part 2 (18-19):
As Saito returned to the hospital he still had a great emptyness in his heart. He felt like he was missing something, but continued his medical studies, studying into the wee hours of the morning. He became one of the top medical ninjas in the Hospital. That is when he came across the Godaime Hokage's original jutsu. The Sozo Saisei - Creation Rebirth Technique intrigued him. He decide to go on a training mission to increase his knowlege when it came to this technique. He asked the Hokage's permission and went off to the River Country for more training.

Training Arc (20-24):
Saito made his way to the River Country to work on his arsenal of Ninjutsu. After two years of training his arse off in Ninjutsu he decide to take a rest at a roadside Tea Shop. After getting to talking with the shop owner she reveled that she was a former Kusagakure ninja. She decided to take up her dream of owning a tea shop after she heard she had an inoperable tumor choaking of her blood supply from her Aorta. Saito would preform Medical Treatments in return to learn Kusagakure's Advance Poison. After a years worth of laughs and trials with Omaja (The Old Women's Name) she died peacefully in her sleep. Saito then decided to head to the Tea Country where the herbs for the poison were more potent. He achieved in getting them all. On his way back he saw Momoe Kyuka, the S-Ranked Missing-Nin that killed his team, drinking in a Tea Shop. Acting as a waiter, he slipped the poison in her cup. When she relized she was poisoned she tried to attack back but was succumed by the poison rather quickly. He founded it odd that her bandit troop wasn't around when he noticed a scroll on her person. It was Earth Release: Terracotta Army which made an Army of Soldiers made from the Earth. He then stayed in the Tea Country to work on this technique. After he finished perfecting it to the level he could he headed back to Konohagakure and arrived their unharmed.

ANBU Arc (24-29):
When Saito arrived back in Konoha the Hokage thought he progressed so much that he was promoted to ANBU. HE was given the codename 'Kitsune' and given a mask to match. This is the origins of one of his nicknames. The Hokage placed him in a team with Jasui, an experienced ANBU Captain and Adair Ukiteiku another ANBU Member. Before the War was tense considering how many sabatoge and assasination missions they were sent on. During this time though Saito perfected both his Doton and Suiton ninjutsu abilities, as well as his medical ninjutsu. He made the technique Kami Hikari no Jutsu - Divine Light Technique which was powerful enough to take himself from the brink of death. This was a tribute to both of his teams and to the Godaime Hokage who inspired it. Then the Shinobi War broke out. Suna and Iwa were at it heavily and Saito experienced the horrors of war. Being ANBU him and the others were able to covertly aid Suna's forces against Iwagakure. This provided for a great training experience for Saito, as well as his nickname Konoha no Kougi - The Leaf’s Justice, to pop up. If he found it just to hel out in killing a squad of Chunin or Higher he would, but he would never kill Genin, nor allow his teammate to kill them. He felt bad harming children but would harm them to the extent that they would be able to fight for a while. That was why he was considered a man aimed for true justice. Since the Hokage noticed his compassion, even for his enemy, she recognized him as truely legendary and gave him the title of Sanin.

Sanin Arc (Present):
As a Sanin, and the most recent inducty, he is usually charge with many diplomatic missions for his skill with words. He is also is prepared as a vanguard for Konoha and is prepare to do anything for Konoha to keep it safe.

Rp Sample:
The Assasination of Momoe Kyuka
It was a sweltering hot day in Tea Country. Saito really needed to cool down and relax. He brushed his hair out of his eyes while he kept on walking, the dirt road crunching under each of his feet, when he saw a shabby looking tea shack on the side of the road. It was made of wood but had a large water tank on the roof. Saito thought to himself "Why not? I could use a cup of tea." He entered the tea shop only to see Momoe Kyuka, the women who killed his team and caused him so much pain. He thought it unusual that none of her clan member were around but quickly dived into the back room of the shop. Being resourceful he put on the uniform and went outside to give her some tea. He poured an excess amount of the Advanced Poison from Kusagakure into her drink. He then walked out and said, [color=blue]"Miss! I have your tea ready and pipe-ing hot!"[blue] as he approached her with her impending death.

Momoe was impatient. She was tapping her finger repeatedly on the wood of the table. She then heard a familiar voice [color=blue]"Miss! I have your tea ready and pipe-ing hot!"[blue] She turned to see an average looking man with an average uniform. She didn't sense a Clone Technique but she felt like she had seen this guy before but she just couldn't put her finger on it. Momoe then said, "It's about time!" Taking the cup out of the man's hands and gulping it down quickly. She then remembered, "No, you couldn't be that Jounin!"

She then said, "It's about time!" Taking the cup out of the man's hands and gulping it down quickly. She then remembered, "No, you couldn't be that Jounin!" Saito then smirked, "So you've finally recognized me! Time to meet your death" Saito quickly made handseals and screamed, "Suiton: Suiben - Water Release: Water Whip Technique" If it is successful, Momoe will be wrapped in Saito's whip, if not Saito would probably miss the target.

Momoe then heard, "So you've finally recognized me! Time to meet your death" She then saw the whip of water head straight toward her, thought quickly, and made the handsigns for her Kawarimi no Jutsu - Replacement Technique. She was successful, Saito getting a chair rather than herself. She quickly made handsigns, Katon: Karyuu Endan - Fire Release: Fire Dragon Flame Projectile. If this hits, Saito will be severely burned, if not he will escape somehow.

Saito, the instant he saw he gripped a chair, dispelled his whip and started making the handsigns for Suiton: Suijinheki - Water Release: Water Encampment Wall. Saito defended himself from the attack successfully by using the water from the tank on the roof for his defense. Saito then decided to used this water in an attack, making handsigns he screamed, Suiton: Daibakufu no Jutsu – Water Release: Great Waterfall Technique sending a powerful jet of water at Momoe. If it hit's it will severely weaken Momoe, if not it will do no damage.

Momoe was shocked that the Jounin was able to block her attack so well. She got prepared for the next attack, all she heard was the opponent scream Suiton: Daibakufu no Jutsu – Water Release: Great Waterfall Technique, She went to move but felt a deep pain in her chest causing her to stop. [i]"Crap, I've been poisoned!"[i] she then was hit with a torrent of water, sending her clear out of the tea shop and into a strong oak tree. She sat there motionless with her heart starting to beat harder and a bit irregular. She knew she was going to die soon since their were no medical ninja in the area she knew not to mention she broke three ribs and her shoulder when she hit the tree. She screamed, "Finish me of in a grandiose style Ninja of Konoha for I shall speak great tales of you in the afterlife!"

Saito then made handseals and said, Chakra Ken: Daikōshō - Chakra Swords: Great Cross Slash. He need no distraction in this situation. He headed toward her with the two chakra swords hoping they'd hit home in as painless of a fashion as possible. He may hate the woman but torturing her any longer is just criminal. He then charged at her, chakra swords ready to strike.

Momoe then felt the Chakra Swords enter her form. She passed away quickly and painlessly from the attack considering the poison basically numbed her body.

Saito then looked over the body only finding a ninjutsu scroll. He hoped to look over this at a different time. He then dug a grave for her in the soft soil of the Tea Country and left with out saying a word. He got back on the path and opened up the scroll, saying to himself, "Earth Release: Terracotta Army... Sounds Interesting..."

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I'm finished finally, all I need is a check over Smile
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approved one more admin needed
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Nice job, Saito ^^


Welcome to Konoha ;D
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