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 Tyki Mikk (Sanin) (Done)

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Tyki Mikk (Sanin) (Done) Empty
PostSubject: Tyki Mikk (Sanin) (Done)   Tyki Mikk (Sanin) (Done) EmptyMon Apr 05, 2010 12:07 pm

Name: Tyki Mikk
Nickname: Lighting Flutter, Haze, Ace, Butterfly Sage
Age: 27
Date of Birth: Jan 23
Chinese Zodiac: Dragon
Gender: Male
Clan: Mikk
Tyki is tall (188 cm/approximately 6 feet, 2 inches) and relatively slender (70 kg/a little over a hundred and fifty pounds), dark haired, and ludicrously handsome. He has gray skin and a Diamond tattoo that goes across his face usually covered up by his hair. His hair is purple or violet some might call it violet. He usually wears a suit. With fuuinjustu seals hidden it that helps him hide his deck of cards. He has about 8 hidden seals in all. His jacket and Gloves are made out of leather, silk, and steel. But the steel is well hidden and non noticeable.

Personality: Tyki is what you call bipolar. He can be very
goofy or kind of perverted some times or depressed. Sometimes he can be extremely mean and rude. He is very laid back and can be bloodthirsty then at other times goofy and simple but mostly childish.

When he is goofy and simple he tends to act well silly he will usually tend to trip over things by accident and crazy. Even tho he is only 18 he tends to drink allot which will make him goofy thank to him not being able to hold his liquor as much as an adult that constantly drinks. He also believes that every race is equal to his own and can comprehend what they are feeling deep inside and that any 1 who docent believe this
dose not deserve to be in the same world as him he docent hate them however it just makes him angry to think that such a being could actually be in the same place as him he doesn't kill them because of this reason. Also because of this most of the time depending on how he is feeling he has no remorse to which he kills or how he kills what so ever.

He also has a bit of a muscle head and always works out to
maintain his physical strength to use taijustu and meditates to control his chakra better. Though he might not look like it at 1st glance Tyki is very smart and dose not really show it when he acts goofy or perverted. When being childish Konin tends to act well like a child he is very hyper active and can be very kind or he can be rude and disregard everything the person says.

He becomes bloodthirsty If
he is in a very good fight against a strong or amusing opponent or if he gets very angry he may become bloodthirsty and lose his grip on reality. He think of everything as an enemy and is very hard to hold back or restrain. He will destroy or kill almost anything that gets in his way if not stopped. He Also tends to get a little jealous of some people from time to time.

Clan Information

Clan Name: Mikk
Kekkei Genkai: The Mikk Clan powers are the bio-kinetic chakra there body produces to convert the potential energy of non-living matter into kinetic energy. The conversion process, referred to as charging, often results in a violent and powerful explosion. The explosion is proportional to the size of the object. They charge an object via an aura emitted from there chakra, and transfer it through physical contact. So Basically this clan can make explosions by transferring it threw lighting chakra. The chakra turns a purple color when it transfers.
Clan Symbol: There gray Skin and Tattoo's on there head.
Clan History: Most of the foundation of this clan is unknown. There Most known about this clan and its clan members are from the stories told about Kyoubou Mikk the founder of the clan. It is said that the Mikk clan was 1
of the 1st clans to be on the outskirts of Konoha and that it was 1 of the richest clans there was in Konoha. During this time the clan was said to be most 1 of the most dangerous clans because they where so strong and had such a strong Kekei Genkai. This KeKei Genkai was said to
be a copy of god lighting himself. But most people
think that the clan members where born with it. During this time 1 of the clans strongest members was born his name was Kyoubou Mikk. During the great ninja war most of the Mikk clans lower class members where killed since the higher class members didn't participate in the war since they felt
that it was the lower poor members of the clan duty to
die in battle for the richer members of the clan. During this time there was a very strong member of the clan who discovered there where more then 1 power
to the clan Kekei Genkai such as the shadow manipulation and the injury vision. After he discovered it he went into
battle after the he soon came out alive and thanks to his strength in battle the Mikk clan was named 1 of the strongest clans there where in konoha. The Clan has moved into and is known as 1 of the most strongest and richest clans there was in Konoha. Also because of these they are hated by those poorer then them and roomers of them being demons and them being 1 of the most greedy some people call them jerks and stuck up bastards, but they don't mind. But 1 day the clan got to greedy and became over run with power so they had to be wiped out for there own good. It is unknown how many members of the clan that are left so far there is 1 in counting.
Link: (Clan Link)

Rank Information
Rank: Sanin
Village: Konoha

Skill Information
Skill Speciality:
Main: Ninjutsu
Sub: Taijutsu
Elemental Affinity:
Main: Raiton
Sub: Fuuton
Special Characteristics: He can talk to butterfly's. He is very strong and is very intelligent. He also has great agility. And he is very wealthy.


Basic Ninjutsu






Name: Karate
Rank: D
Taijutsu Style -- Taijutsu User's Only
Description: Karate is mainly used for
self-defense; based mainly on stopping power. It involves Vigorous arm movements to enhance cardiovascular fitness and upper body strength. Karate users are usually known for abilities to break wood or cement blocks with their hands; this is primarily for showing off; but can be used in certain situations. This style requires lots of upper-body
strength and quick reflexes, but any normal person could learn this type of style without real training.

Rank: D
Type: Taijutsu
Style -- Taijutsu User's Only
Element: None
Taekwondo is known for its emphasis on kicking techniques. The rationale is that the leg is the longest and strongest weapon a martial artist has, and kicks thus have the greatest potential to execute powerful strikes without successful retaliation. Taekwondo as a martial art is popular with people of both genders and of many ages. Physically,
taekwondo develops strength, speed, balance, flexibility, and stamina.


Name: Steel Coat and Steel Gloves
Appearance: His jacket and Gloves are made out of leather, silk, and steel. But the
steel is well hidden and non noticeable.
Rank: C
Special Abilities: (it can with stand allot of hits and is very light to Tyki but very very heavy to others)
Origin: (He had them special made when he was a Jounin.)

Name: Deck Of Cards x5 (50 cards for each deck)
Just regular playing cards.
Rank: C
: (There just regular playing cards)
Origin: (He
had them special made when he was a Jounin.)


Name: Baby Tease
Physical Description: They are 2 inches big and look like this.
Tyki Mikk (Sanin) (Done) Tease_10
Summon Requirements: A Snap of the finger and Blood. (10 are summoned at 1 time)
Species: Special Butterfly's made by Tyki
Rank: D they are 2 inches big
Story: In History
Special Characteristics: They have the same charka as Tyki. They can also be used as Scouts.
Elemental Affinity: Raiton, Fuuton
Clan: Mikk

Name: Tease
Physical Description:
They are 4 inches big and look like this.
Tyki Mikk (Sanin) (Done) Tease_10
2 Hand seals and ,A Snap of the finger and Blood. (5 are summoned
at 1 time)
Species: Special Butterfly's made by Tyki
Rank: C They are 4 inches big
Story: In History
They have the same charka as Tyki. They can
also be used as Scouts.
Elemental Affinity: Raiton, Fuuton
Name: General Tease
Physical Description:
They are 6 feet and look like this.
Tyki Mikk (Sanin) (Done) Tease310
3 hand signs, A Snap of the finger and Blood. (2 are summoned
at 1 time)
Species: Special Butterfly's made by Tyki
Rank: B they are 6 feet
Story: In History
They have the same charka as Tyki. They can
also be used as Scouts. They can also be used to fly on.
Elemental Affinity: Raiton, Fuuton

Name: Giant Tease
Physical Description:
They are 10 feet and look like this.
Tyki Mikk (Sanin) (Done) Tease310
8 Hand signs, A Snap of the finger and Blood. (only 1 can be summoned at a time)
Species: Special Butterfly's made by Tyki
Rank: A they are 10 feet big
Story: In History
They have the same charka as Tyki. They can
also be used as Scouts. They can be flown on.
Elemental Affinity: Raiton, Fuuton


History and Roleplay Sample
Tyki was born into a very
poor part of the clan. When he was his grandmother had to deliver him
since they where so poor and they couldn't afford a doctor. The day he
was a very proud day indeed for not just him for the whole family, for
his mom had a very unique ability that aloud her to see glimpses of
peoples future of those she touched. She had been the only 1 in the clan
that had that ability not even Konin had this ability or the founder of
the clan. No one knew what this ability was or how she got it.

After Tyki's mom touched him she had a vision of Tyki's future it was a
horrible vision. It showed a meteor falling. Then after the meter had
feel it went black and she saw a monster that look familiar to Konin's
older sister. But the girl was older and she was killing the people
around here. Then she saw Tyki killing the girl. Then the most horrible
thing of all she saw Tyki killing the girl. Then killing the rest of
the family in the house. His big sister, His father, his big brother and
his mother.

Tyki mom was shocked she let go of Tyki in fright
but she couldn't hate him. She couldn't be scared of him for it was her
son. Tyki then after which received the tattoo on his forhead. After
which she told the rest of the family what happened and they where
shocked the all became scared of Tyki he was an out cast not only by
the people of the village because of his family's reputation of being
called demons but by his on family.

A few years later Tyki was 10 and it was time for him to enter the academy.


During the academy Tyki began to see allot his
grandfather allot. During this time people hated him because of his clan
and called him a demon and a loser and kicked him out of social events.
He had no friends, but because of this he was always studying and
working on his justu. His family also grew more scared of him because
each passing day they knew they where closer to death thanks to the
vision his mom had. They stayed as far away for him it was like they
weren't even his family any more. Tyki still didn't know about the
vision. Tyki grew more and more depressed his personality began to
twist and snap a little.

He Then began to spend more time with
his grandfather learning more and more about his clan it seemed as tho
his grandfather was the only 1 that was his friend and payed attention
to him. Thanks to this Konin was happy. Spending time with grandfather
where the best times in Tyki's live. Then Tyki's grandfather decided
it was time for Tyki to live with him when he became a genin so he
could teach Konin the ways of the clans and there justu using Charge.

After finishing
the academy Tyki was finally a Genin he was happy for the 1st time in
his life other then being with his grandfather. As Tyki went home on
before going into house to gather his things he heard his family over

He peeked his head in the window and pressed his ear up
against the glass, to hear what they had to say. They where talking
about how they couldn't wait to he left and that they where going to be
safe from him killing them if it couldn't happen if he wasn't living
with them. He was enraged after hearing this for the first time. Then he
stormed into the room and screamed at top of his lungs "So this
He started to cry
and so did his mom for she couldn't stand to see her own kid like that,
she tried to comfort him but he pushed her away and ran to his
grandfathers house.

Upon arriving with tears in his eyes his
grandfather asked him what was wrong. He replied by saying he hated them
all and that if he was going to kill them, then it would make him
happy, but he didn't mean it, he was just sad, angry and lonely. As his
grandfather comforted him his grandmother did as well. To him they where
to closest thing to his heart even closer then his mom, dad big sister
and big brother.

Then after learning some more justus from his
grandfather, he was told about the clans Kekei Genkai. He was fascinated
by this and wanted to have it so bad but he wondered why he didn't have the Charge ablity already with all the stuff he had been threw. Then it was time
for him to get a team. After he had got a team and jonin teacher he had
learned many more Justus and became strong in the skills of ninjustu
and taijustu. Then as he was training most of the time he would go to
see how his family was doing and spy on them in secret. He thought about
become an Anbu since he was so good at spying.

His team liked Tyki allot and he got along with them great he did many missions with
them and became very childish around them. They stood up for him and
helped him when he need it he liked the team allot and had many great
times with them. Then came the chuunin exams.

Came time for the chuunin exams they where 3 months away. Tyki along
with his new team where very excited. His parents then even became more
nice around him, they decided to treat him like family instead of a
monster. Tyki then moved back in with them. It Then came time for the
Chuunin Exams Tyki's team prepared and studied hard. Then they set to take the chuunin exams.

After Arriving at the chuunin exams. They
where very excited. The past the 1st 2 test with ease. Then came time
for the fighting portion of the test. Both Tyki's friends where killed
by the rivals from Kiri in this test. Tyki was very upset
by this his personality snapped, he was getting crazier and crazier by
the minute. Then came his time to fight Tyki walked into the ring and
when he opened his eyes then closed them and finally activated his Kekei Genkai
he had finally got it the Charge ability and thanks to his grandfather training he already knew how to use it. As he was fighting he was getting
more blood thirsty he killed his opponent by hitting all of his weak
spots over and over again. Then he hit his opponent a few times in his
opponents weak spots where his heart was. After the fight was over to
finish of his opponent he slammed his hand threw his opponents chest
reached in grabbed his heart and crushed it.

Then came the next
fighting part of the test Tyki was still going insane and getting more
bloodthirsty by the minute. Before the fight was over his opponent had
surrendered, but Tyki didn't care, he killed him anyway after the
chuunin exams where over Tyki had went back home depressed yet proud
with his new rank. His personality was slowly beginning to heal itself.

he got home, alone no friends to celebrate with. He opened up the door
to his house. Once inside his house the lights where on but no one was
around. He screamed is any body home but no 1 answered depressed with
no 1 to share the good and bad news with he walked to the backyard. Once
he arrived he was shocked to see that his family was there screaming
surprise and where about to celebrate him becoming a chuunin.

it happened a huge pulse wave struck threw his familys house. Everything went black
as he awoke he says his grand mother and grand father laying dead under
his destroyed house. His mother had woken up and ran twoards his father
and brother. As she ran to see if any 1 else was hurt, she screamed.
When she turned to look it was a disturbing figure. It looked like Tykis older sister but more grotesque and hideous as if she was dead it turned out 1 of the ninja's where controlling her body using a justu. It bit his mom and
every 1 else and Tyki and every 1 began to die in front of Tyki's eyes
but he did not. As more ninja sprung up.

As they died there body's where being controlled by the justu they began to come after Tyki
he had no choice but to kill them so he did. After they where all dead
his personality completely snapped. He fainted and when he woke up he
was in side of a building with a bunch of people he didn't know. Some
claimed to be his clan members but he didn't care, he wanted to know what
was going on. He was soon informed. Then he saw the people where recruiting
people to help fight back the people that where destroying his clan. To help stop these ninja and help people
threw out the village in his clan that had been injured they asked if any 1 was willing to fight. Tyki thought back to what had just happened and he said he was going to fight. He volunteered and began to fight. After all the people fighting had been killed besides Tyki. He was tooken to the hospital by an unknown person who looked similar to the hokage. Once there he was treated and saved. The killing was called of after only Tyki was left and he continued to stay in konoha and become a ninja despite what was happened and soon became a jonin.

becoming a jonin he was sent to on a mission. Every 1 in the
group that was with him where killed. And his personality was still breaking,
and getting worse by the minute. His bloodlust began to take over. He
killed any 1 and every 1 in his way even if they weren't bad.
Instead of saving people he killed them. His mind was clouded by rage
and saddens all he saw was the people that killed his family and all he wanted to was kill. After
snapping out of it. Al he saw where the dead bodies of the people he
killed as looked around.

He went back to knoha spot but he was covered in blood. So he went back
to his house and he stayed there for days reading justu scrolls on his
clans KeKei Genkai and justus. After a while he mastered them. Then he
went back to the village forge there was a man there whose wife had been killed by the ninja even tho he wasn't in the clan and attacked him. Tyki helped him back to safety before he
died. As thanks for being saved. The man was told that he was a man that new how to summon Butterfly. As a thanks for being
saved the man thought Tyki how to summon butterfly and how to use them
better. He Then created a new breed of butterfly witch he called tease and they had the same chakra as his. A few months later the man started to stay with Tyki and helped
him fight on missions, teach him how to use the summon justus and use them better.
An in return Tyki thought the main justu. After a while they became
great friends and Konin was happy. The man also kept Konin from going
insane and kept him from going bloodthirsty. After a while they decided
it was time to leave Konoha and go fight for konoha as much as they can
and to pick up as much information on the enemy and as much about them as they could.

After getting back he was named an honorary sanin by the hokage.

Rp Sample:
Tsume's eyes let up with sadness as his sensei explained the mission as a quick frown came over his face. Tsume begin to think " I had it all wrong those guys got the mission wrong i thought, i thought that this was the mission to escort people from konoha to yuki, where i would get to see my brother again". Tsume balled his fist up with rage and sadness over the fact that he thought the mission was something else, but then it slowly turned into joy he wouldn't let this get him down it was his first mission and because of this he began to get excited his fist unballed and his frown became a smile.

Tsume then listened to what the rest of his sensei had to say about the mission and said "This is going to be fun and i get to meet the Mizukage, i wonder what type of guy he is he must be very strong and maybe old, hem i wonder". Baito then replied with a a simple "Woof". Afterward Tora begin to talk about how we should get to know each other better as they both explained there clans Tsume became very interested and wanted to see there justus in action he knew that was going to be a great team.

It was then Tsume's turn to talk about himself. He then started of by saying "I Am Tsume Inuzuka and this is Baito me and him both specialize in Suiton Ninjustu and Kenjustu and not to mention our clans very special justus which you might see in the future if we ever get into a fight, and well that's about it". After finishing what he had to say then decide that he was going enjoy this mission as well as his new comrades and looked forward to see how they are in battle.


It was early in the morning Tsume and Baito where
still sleeping. The day was very cloudy and cold just they way Tsume
liked it. He kept dreaming about this day over and over again the day of
his first mission. the mission where he gets to see hes brother again
and bring him back home where he belongs. Tsume had been talking about
this day and through out the whole week. "I cant wait i cant
wait i cant wait
." He kept thinking all the time even in
his dreams as he was fast asleep he kept dreaming of what it would be
like over and over again. Sometimes the dreams where good of him
reuniting with his brother and sometimes they where bad, because maybe
in during the mission something could go wrong like a ambush of ninjas
from another country trying to attack them and what if some 1 got hurt. "No
i wont let that happen
" Tsume thought as his dreams
suddenly turned good again and his beating up the bad guys with his
brother by his side.

Suddenly a loud sound was heard the sound
of a giant bell slowly his dream started to get hazy and slowly fade
away into the dark Tsume didn't want the dream to stop because it was
fun and exciting, But then again he did want it to stop because he knew
today was the day the day that he starts his 1st mission and gets to see
his brother soon and to return home with him by his side. Tsume slowly
opened he then began to see a black figure with blue around it as he
opened it wider it was none other then Baito. The bell was still going
off Tsume looked to the side grabbed the Alarm clock and looked at the
time and said "Yes, I'm up early just the way i wanted, i knew
it was a good thing i went to sleep early.
Tsume then looked at
Baito and said Good morning Boy, how was your sleep".
Baito then replied back with a simple Yawn and "Woof".

then stood up getting out of his covers with nothing but his boxers and
a under shirt on, as Baito stretched a little more. Tsume then went
into his bathroom took a cold shower just the way he liked it, Brushed
his teeth and put his cloths on making sure to get all his ninja gear
and scrolls and lets not forget his fur coat his oldest brother made for
him. He then ran down the stairs and walked into the kitchen along with
Baito. to find his mom who had surprising been up cooking already along
with Tsume's dad who was eating breakfast. "Dad, Mom What are
you to doing up
" he said scratching his head. "What did you think we forgot what today is your not the
only 1 who's been looking forward to it". "Yea son
your not the only 1 looking forward to it".
parents said as his mom handed him and Baito some breakfast. As Tsume an
Baito finished eating they ran up to the village opening and waited for
his new squad and sensei.

After they got up to the Village opening Tsume then saw Shikyo and Tora "hey guys i guess the gangs all here aye". Tsume said with a smile on his face as
Baito then followed up with a "woof" and began to wag his tail.
As Tsume started to pet him for a few minutes and then stoped.

Tsume then saw a man walking towards him and his friends the man then
introduced himself as "Shuheii, Urahara" and that he was a replacement
for there sensei at the time being. The man then asked if there where
any complaints Tsume simply faced the man and looked him in the eyes
with a look of determination and said "No sure". He
then turned his look of determination into a smile and said "I'm
ready when you are"
, Baito then replied with a simple "Woof"

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this app is
Tyki Mikk (Sanin) (Done) A_047-10
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Tyki Mikk (Sanin) (Done)
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