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 Kinzoku Clan (Waiting for Approval)

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PostSubject: Kinzoku Clan (Waiting for Approval)   Wed Apr 21, 2010 8:02 am

Clan name: Kinzoku
Kekkei Genkai: Koton Release, a Chuunin or above member of the clan who utilises both the Doton and Raiton Elements will be able to use the Koton or Steel Release by controlling both elements at the same time. Though it is named Steel Release, a skilled user will be able to control other forms of metal including Gold. The element will almost always win against Fuuton jutsu but has a weakness for Katon but the weakness can be exploited by the user and be used to burn the target.
Secret Clan Jutsu:

Clan History: The Kinzoku Clan existed long before the time of the first villages and lived high in the mountains, the clan members settled in the mountains of Kumogakure and formed an alliance with the Shoujin Clan. After a long battle to decide who will lead the organization, the Kinzoku leader Hiro Kinzoku was gravely injured in the battle and the Shoujin's prevailed. After the 1st Raikage decided to kill the leader of the organization, the Kinzoku members decided to become the leaders of the group, the Shoujin struck a deal with the God of War, Hachiman to give them more battle power and a new Kekkei Genkai in return for a part of their humanity, the Kinzoku were defeated in battle but not before Hiro Kinzoku was able to use the epic strength of Magunechikku Toukuisei to kill many of the Shoujin and carve the Valley of Cloud and Lightning, a mere three members were able to flee and are currently in hiding. The Shoujin Clan, were exiled from the main areas of Kumogakure for their misdeed and most have fled to live in Konoha, if given the chance the two clans wouls battle it out to the death.
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Kinzoku Clan (Waiting for Approval)
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